Watch out for retouching, has Maria De Filippi also succumbed to the call of the scalpel?

Has Maria De Filippi also succumbed to the call of cosmetic surgery? She would seem so. Here are all the details of this story

Maria DeFilippi he is certainly one of the most well-known and loved faces of Italian television. His broadcasts have always been very popular. His workhorses are Friends, You’ve Got Mail And Men and womenalthough she has been a juror on the evening show since 2014 You are worth itbroadcast on Channel five. In this TV show there are also Gerry Scotti, Belen Rodríguez, Sabrina Ferilli And Rudy Zerbi.

Maria De Filippi redone? Here’s the whole truth (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The wife of Maurice Costanzoborn in Milan on December 5, 1961, she was the protagonist of one of the services of Strip the News. The satirical show focused on alleged tweaks that the presenter would have made in recent years. Maria DeFilippi have you resorted to cosmetic surgery to combat aging? The web split into two factions after seeing the service.

On the one hand those who have noticed small ones differences compared to the past, on the other those who deny everything. In both cases, everyone agrees on the judgment against the De Filippi, which is always highly appreciated and loved. This is demonstrated by the numbers that all the broadcasts she leads produce, despite the fact that they have been on the air for many years. The public will never get tired of seeing her on the small screen, despite a few passages from surgeon plastic.

Has Maria De Filippi made any adjustments? Here is the truth

Maria DeFilippi redone? This is the rumor that goes around the web after a service Strip the News. It seems that he has made some small changes, although it seems that there have been no major changes. What is the truth, then? Scroll down the text and you will have the opportunity to find out, also with the help of the original video, containing the service of the satirical show of the networks Mediaset.

De Filippi
Maria De Filippi, what adjustments did she make? (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

In the service of Strip the News (click here to see it) is celebrating the birthday of Maria DeFilippi but the satirical show of the networks Mediaset he does it his way. During the heading ‘Do it and do it again’the editorial staff of Strip demonstrated how the Lombard presenter has resorted to surgery over the years. After showing some jokes played by her colleagues during a live broadcast and after briefly summarizing her long and brilliant career, the service moves on to demonstrating the surgeries.

The test scanner shows some abnormal changes in the face, as if it had taken needles. The service ends with a very entertaining game: first a photo of Maria DeFilippi transformed into a man, then the same experiment is done with Maurice Costanzo, transformed into a woman. The presenters of Strip the News they concluded the service with a warm greeting Maria DeFilippi.