Water Alliance launches the call for the future Lombard water service

For the winners, the implementation of a pilot project for a duration of about one year in collaboration with one of the companies of the group will be evaluated.

A call for innovation for the integrated water service that is aimed at startups, university spin-offs SMEs and more generally at the whole world of innovation. TO Wave of innovation is the call launched by Water Alliance, the network of 13 public companies of the Lombardy integrated water service (Acque Bresciane, Alfa, BrianzAcque, Como Acqua, Gruppo Cap, Gruppo Tea, Lario Reti Holding, MM, Padania Acque, Pavia Acque, SAL, Secam and Uniacque), to promote innovation with a view to open innovation on an international scale. The call, which opened on 3 October and will end at the end of November, aims to find solutions in some key areas for the water service and focuses on the circular economy and digitalization.

For the winners, the implementation of a pilot project lasting about one year in collaboration with one of the Water Alliance companies will be evaluated. Specifically, the areas identified by the 13 managers concern: treatment and valorisation of sewage sludge; biogas cogeneration plants; smart water network and real time data enhancement.

“The long and overwhelming wave of the Wave of Innovation promoted with this international call of the Water Alliance lies precisely in the contribution that startups and SMEs will be able to provide to encourage the development of the Lombard Water Service”, underlines Enrico Pezzoli, spokesman for Water Alliance, president and CEO of Como Acqua. “The 13 networked companies have been able to open up to external realities able to offer strategic, innovative and disruptive solutions, useful for the evolutionary process that makes circular economy, new technologies and digitalization, the best tools to further progress and defuse strictly current issues, such as water emergency and energy crisis “.

“This international call involves areas that are crucial for the development of the Lombard water service – says Michele Falcone, coordinator of the management body of the Water Alliance and strategic development director of Gruppo Cap.” Water Alliance has set itself the ambitious goal of a ‘circular and digital innovation and to do so, in addition to synergies between companies, it has decided to open up to international start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises that can provide valuable solutions that can be applied throughout Lombardy. I am thinking for example of the sludge issue on we have been working for some time to find sustainable solutions from a circular perspective (quantity reduction, reuse and enhancement) but also to the digital challenge that can represent a turning point in plant management thanks to the massive use of data analyzed and processed in an increasingly smart way . “

A strategic role was that of the call advisors, Bip and SkipsoLabs. In fact, Water Alliance made use of the support and know-how of Bip, an international company that deals with management consulting and business integration services, following companies in the research and adoption processes of disruptive technological solutions and SkipsoLabs, a company which since 2007 has been providing software solutions and advisory services for innovation to public and private companies on an international scale.

Interested startups and companies must submit their application on the platform by November 30th. The foreseen phases are: November 30 (deadline for applications); January 30, 2023 (first phase of project screening); February 14, 2023: (selection of finalist projects); second half of February 2023 (pitch day).