Water bomb with 400 mm of rain, ‘flash flood’ in the Marche region

Climatologist Betti: “It is a striking example of the effects predicted for years by the scientific world on climate change”

In just a few hours, over 400 mm of rain fell, is an exceptional event. We cannot say with certainty whether these extreme events have increased in number or not because we do not have a statistic that gives us a definite trend, however the type of event is a striking example of the effects predicted for years by the scientific world relating to climate change in Italy. It is in fact an extreme, limited event that generated a flash flood following a long drought. In the future it is possible that others will occur. “To speak to Adnkronos is Giulio Betti, meteorologist and climatologist at the LaMMA Consortium (Laboratory of Environmental Monitoring and Modeling) and the Institute of Biometeorology of the CNR of Florence, as well as member of Ampro , the Associazione Meteo Professionisti, commenting, following the water bomb that hit the province of Ancona, the risk that a similar event could repeat itself.

“As the atmosphere warms up, it becomes richer and richer in humidity and this means – explains Betti – that in certain conditions this excess humidity is discharged. It is very likely that in the future we will have fewer days of precipitation per year but quantities of rain. similar endings because it is distributed in a very concentrated way. It is possible to limit the damage by strengthening the observation and forecasting system, even if an event like the one that occurred in the Marche was impossible to predict. However, let’s expect other similar events in the future “.

“In a few hours – he adds – more than 400 mm of rain fell, it is an exceptional event: we are talking about half the rain that normally falls in a year in some areas of the Marche. It is certainly important, however, to implement the safety of the territory. Similar events would still do damage, but would have a much less impact. I hope that all politics will become more and more aware of the challenge of climate change and its risks “.