Water bonus, who it is and how to apply

Measure introduced with the aim of reducing the cost of water services to families who find themselves in conditions of economic and social hardship

The water bonus is a measure that was introduced with the aim of reducing the expenditure for the water service of all those families who find themselves in a condition of economic and social hardship. It is up to, reminds studiocataldi.it, also to holders of income or citizenship pension, it is automatically recognized

Provided by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 13 October 2016, by virtue of art. 60 of the Environmental Link (Law no. 221/2015) was implemented by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment.

In practice, thanks to the water bonus, the user is exempted from paying a minimum quantity of water per person per year, established at the rate of 50 liters per person per day, because it is considered as a quantity corresponding to the essential needs of the individual.

However, the discounted rate is not the same throughout the national territory, so the user must check on the manager’s website the amount foreseen for 18.25 cubic meters of water per year per person to find out the value of the bonus.


The tax decree n. 124/2019 disposes in paragraph 4 of art. 57 bis that starting from 2020 the social tariff for the integrated water service “includes, with reference to the minimum vital quantity, also the charges relating to the sewerage and purification services, whose methods of quantification, recognition and supply are governed by the Authority regulation for energy, networks and the environment. “


The next paragraph of art. 57 bis of the decree n. 124/2019 also provides that starting from 2021 the social bonuses for the supply of electricity and natural gas and the concessions relating to the integrated water service “are automatically recognized to all subjects whose equivalent economic situation indicator is currently being validity is included within the limits established by current legislation. The Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, with its own provisions, having consulted the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, defines the methods of transmission of useful information by the Institute national social security system to the integrated information system managed by the company Acquerello single Spa. “


Direct users (holders of a supply for resident domestic use) and indirect users (who instead use a condominium aqueduct service in the residence) are entitled to the water bonus, in conditions of economic hardship, who are part of households with the following indicators of ISEE income:

– ISEE not exceeding 8,265 euros;

– ISEE not exceeding 20,000 euros with a minimum of 4 dependent children;

– holders of citizenship income and citizenship pension with an ISEE not exceeding 8,265 euros.

The holders of the income and the citizenship pension are allowed to benefit from the energy, gas and water bonuses by virtue of the tax decree n. 124/2019, provided that their ISEE does not exceed the threshold of 8,265 euros.


Those who are entitled to benefit from the water bonus from 1 January 2021 no longer have to submit an application to obtain bonuses for economic hardship at Municipalities or CAFs. In fact, from 1 January 2021, these subjects no longer accept applications for the water bonus.

In fact, it is sufficient that every year, starting from 2021, the citizen / family unit presents their Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) to obtain the certification of the ISEE useful for the various subsidized social benefits.

If it emerges from the DSU that the applicant is in possession of the requisites required to be entitled to the bonus, INPS sends the data to the SII (integrated information system that contains information useful for identifying the supplies and managers with territorial jurisdiction). In fact, the intersection of these data with those of the DSU allows Arera to disburse bonuses to those who are entitled to them.


The water bonus has a duration of 12 months from the date of admission to the reduction and the bonus amount is directly deducted from the bill, which shows a part of the bonus proportional to the period to which it refers.