Water, Mineracqua: “35% increases penalize the minerals sector”

Since the beginning of the year, the economic context has changed greatly in terms of penalizing for the companies in the mineral water sector which suffer a rapid and progressive increase in production costs, estimated at an average value of 35/40% due to a situation characterized by increase in the prices of raw materials and their ‘rarefaction’, of energy commodities, difficulties in the supply of packaging materials, as well as transport.

“The strong imbalance of supply / demand on a world level is causing in our country strong increases in the prices of all raw materials, energy, transport and more generally all production costs” affirms Ettore Fortuna, vice president of Mineracqua.

“These price increases of 35/40%, in a scenario that currently does not see a decline for the next few months, cannot be further internalized and for this reason we ask that starting from next year the market seriously consider our requests for price adjustments, which are in any case below the real cost increases. Only in this way could we continue to ‘serve the market’, while making important sacrifices in economic terms but guaranteeing that our product, increasingly essential, arrives in the homes of the Italians ”adds Fortuna.

In detail, there are increases in energy costs, raw materials, transport and exports. “The impossibility of foreseeing a short-term solution to these inflationary tensions – continues Fortuna – forces the mineral water sector to inevitably adjust consumer prices which will, however, remain by far the most competitive in Europe”.

“Our category – concludes Fortuna – has, in fact, a very compressed value chain compared to the rest of Europe so we must reconcile the cost / income balance, also to protect our employment, mainly located in non-industrialized areas. For our part, we are open to discussions with market players, even at a ministerial table. “