WD My Passport, the super-portable hard drive turns 15

Colorful, practical, light, safe. These are the characteristics of WD My Passport, the Western Digital hard-disk that this year celebrates its 15th anniversary. Available in three colors (black, blue, red) and four memory sizes (1, 2, 4 and 5 terabytes), the iconic portable hard drive is an excellent solution for storing documents, photos, videos in an immediate and secure way. and music in high quality.

The main functions

My Passport appears, in its renewed version, as a light parallelepiped the size of a credit card. It is very convenient to carry in the pocket of a backpack but also a jacket and connects super-fast to the computer. Compatible with USB ports up to 3.2 Gen 1, it offers the best of itself when connected to the latest devices: thanks to the SuperSpeed ​​USB-A cable included in the package, it reaches a transfer speed of up to 5 gigabits per second. My Passport integrates several software to be installed on the computer through which you can set a password to open files (the important thing is not to lose the password, otherwise it will no longer be possible to access), check the remaining storage space, manage the ignition or the switching off of the small white LED. Through the WD Drive Utilities software you can check the status of the drive and even select the time after which the hard disk will automatically shut down if not used. In the Mac version we also find a useful software – NTFS for Mac – that will allow us to read and write even on an NTFS formatted hard-disk, file system used by Microsoft that the Mac usually does not support, thus giving us the ability to swap files between different operating systems on the fly. My Passport, by the way, is also compatible with Chromebooks. Finally, the unit is equipped with a backup software that starts automatically according to the user’s needs.

Verdict, availability and pricing

We confirm our positive opinion (two years ago we tried My Passport for Mac) on Western Digital products, always simple, practical and safe to use. In our opinion it is an excellent solution for all those (from home users to professionals) who need to archive material, free up hard-disk space, create backup copies of their files or transport data from a device to a more without using third-party cloud services. We were extremely satisfied with our trial, which lasted over two months. Only small downside, in our opinion: the white LED that lights up when the unit is connected to a computer and flashes when used is very little visible, especially when we use the hard-disk outdoors, in direct light Of sun. The starting list price of WD My Passport in the 1 terabyte version is interesting in our opinion: 68 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Data transfer rate and software included
  • Small, compact and light to carry


  • LED barely visible in sunlight