We all know George Clooney’s house on Lake Como but here’s how much it costs

We all know George Clooney’s house on Lake Como but do you know how much it costs?

George Clooney is married to lawyer Amal Alamuddin. After a brief dating they got engaged in April 2014 and a few months later, on September 27, they got married in Venice. The wedding was officiated in English but it was only the exchange of solemn promises, according to the American tradition. So two days later the rite was also celebrated in the town of Ca ‘Farsetti.

George Clooney, home (credits: youtube)

George and Amal became parents in 2017 to twins, Ella and Alexander. We know that the actor is very fond of Italy, it is no coincidence that he is very often on vacation in the beautiful country. More than 20 years ago he bought a villa on Lake Como and it is here that he often spends his holidays. The actor bought the house in 2002. At the time, following the news of the purchase, the town of Laglio, where the house is located, found itself inundated with onlookers and paparazzi.

The villa was purchased at a cost of 10 million dollars but in recent years some changes have been made, it has been renovated and for this reason today its value is much larger: let’s find out how much it is worth now.

George Clooney bought the villa on Lake Como years ago: that’s what it’s worth today

In 2002 George Clooney passing with his motorbike near Lake Como was impressed by Villa Oleandra, dwelling located in the municipality of Laglio. He bought it for $ 10 million and it has always belonged to him ever since. The actor often spends his holidays in Italy, settling in his house.

But how is it structured? The villa is surrounded by flowers and trees and the high hedges allow for some privacy. There is a large garden that surrounds it, where there is a tennis court, an ancient fountain and even a pizzeria. It is structured on several levels, there is an indoor swimming pool, a solarium and all the necessary comforts. It also overlooks Lake Como and is connected by a bridge to another house, Villa Margherita. The latter was then also purchased by the actor a few years later. Clooney bought the villa where he lives when he arrived in Italy in 2002 for $ 10 million but in recent years various changes have been made, it has been renewed and has undergone minor adjustments.

george clooney house
George Clooney, villa (credits: youtube)

The owner of a villa close to the actor’s in 2019 put his, which is very similar, up for sale for $ 50 million. George has received much larger offers and this leads us to think that to date his villa may be worth more or less than 100 million dollars. A figure that would reflect the beauty of the house and which would include all the changes he has undergone over the years.