We all know LDA’s father, but have you ever seen his mom? What splendor!

LDA is one of Amici’s very young talents, but have you ever seen his mother? Her name is Carmela and she is a splendor, here she is.

He is one of the very young talents of Amici, LDA. Having joined the school during his first episode, Luca D’Alessio was able to immediately shake the rather important surname he has on his shoulders. And he was able to demonstrate his incredible talent. Not only, in fact, the very young Neapolitan managed to win several challenges, but he was able to climb the peaks of the Italian rankings with the single ‘What is hurting’.

Have you ever seen LDA’s mom? Photo Source: Instagram

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We do not know how his career in Amici’s school will end, nor if he will be the winner of this twenty-first edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent. One thing, however, is certain: LDA is one of the most loved faces in school. With his sympathy, the young Luca overwhelms everyone. And with his music and his songs, finally, he makes each of us sing. Are you curious, at this point, to know something more about him? We all know his father and recently, for example, we told you about his sister Ilaria, but you have never seen his mom? We immediately think about it: what a splendor!

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Have you ever seen LDA’s mom?

What do we know about the very young LDA, singer and talent of this new edition of Amici? Often and willingly, comparisons are made between him and his father, as well as Gigi D’Alessio. Are you curious, however, to know something more about his mother? Who is? And above all, how is it?

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As many will know, the mother of Luca, Claudio and Ilaria is the splendid Carmela Barbato, first wife of Gigi D’Alessio. Apparently, the woman appears to be quite reserved. And to date it would seem not to have any type of social account. It is precisely for this reason that tracking down a photo of him was rather complicated. However, carefully sifting through the Instagram profile of Claudio, the couple’s eldest son, we were able to find a completely new shot. Do you want to see it too? We think about it immediately:

LDA mom
Photo Source: Instagram

In short, there is absolutely nothing to say! She really is a beautiful woman, do you agree?