We all know that Alessandra Celentano is the granddaughter of the legendary Adriano, but who is her father?

Alessandra Celentano is the granddaughter of the legendary Adriano, but do you know who her father is? Many have wondered: what is there to know.

She is one of the undisputed protagonists of Amici, Alessandro Celentano. Having joined the cast of the program since its first edition, the splendid teacher immediately proved to be one of its pillars. In fact, many professors have alternated over the years, but she has always remained there.

Who is Alessandra Celentano’s father? Not everyone knows. Photo source: Video mediaset

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Born in Milan in 1966, Alessandra Celentano began studying dance at a very young age. Always passionate about this discipline, the granddaughter of the legendary Adriano had the opportunity to study with internationally renowned masters, to perfect herself in Budapest and to obtain a scholarship for a specialization course at the Reggio Emilia dance school, where years later he will return to it as a teacher. From that precise moment, Alessandra Celentano’s career as a dancer literally took off. The undisputed protagonist of many companies and numerous shows, the beautiful teacher of Amici boasts of a truly impressive career. But have you ever wondered which one of her is hers father? We all know that the nice Alessandra is Adriano Celentano’s granddaughter, but what do we know about her dad?

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Who is Alessandra Celentano’s father?

It can be said loudly that the family from which the splendid Alessandra Celentano is a real family of artists. Not only do we know his uncle, the legendary Adriano, but we can’t help but appreciate his cousins ​​too. We are talking about the beautiful Rosalinda, the famous Rosita and the unforgettable Giacomo Celentano – all three children of Adriano – but also about Gino Santercole, the famous singer-songwriter who died in 2018.

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In short, a noteworthy family, no doubt about it! Many, however, wonder who Alessandra Celentano’s father is. In fact, what do we know about him? Maybe not everyone knows, but the father of the Celentano was called Alessandro, just like his daughter. From what we learn from the web, however, he passed away in 2009 at the age of 89.

Alessandra Celentano father
Photo source: mediaset video

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