‘We are all family’, Amazon hosts dialogue in Milan on the occasion of Coming out day

Coming out brings with it the individual’s right to self-determination, freedom of expression and represents a very important step

On the occasion of Coming Out Day today, 11 October, Amazon is organizing a moment of discussion at its corporate offices in Milan with the aim of promoting culture and awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues, which have always been at the center of numerous company activities. Coming out brings with it the individual’s right to self-determination, freedom of expression and represents a very important step. A declaration of love, first of all towards oneself, which has a double value, both intimate when the decision is made and public when one is ready to talk about oneself, because naming oneself is equivalent to being there.

And it is precisely with the aim of reflecting on what tools are necessary to welcome and support the coming out of a person close to us, that Amazon hosts, on the occasion of the meeting ‘Coming Out Stories – We Are All* Family’, Anna Maria Fisichella, vice president of Agedo Milano, the Association of parents, relatives and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans+ people, together with Francesco Maddaloni and Guido Radaelli, writers and activists who have told of their desire for a family through the storybook “Fabulous Families”.

Together with them, within the panel moderated by Federica Ferretto, head of emea Amazon aws sales strategy and operations, also Isabella Rossi, sr. Amazon sales account manager, and Keivan Fahim, Amazon Made in Italy program manager and part of the Glamazon committee, the Affinity Group open to all Amazon employees and designed as a space for discussion, creation of knowledge and development of new initiatives in support of inclusion and non-discrimination policies for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people within the company.

A further step forward announced by the company is the introduction in Italy of a transgender toolkit, a set of guidelines to support all employees who are undertaking a gender transition journey. The objective is to offer concrete tools to support and facilitate this process, also through the correct indications to be provided to colleagues and managers: being aware of the right language to use, of the possibilities made available by the company to guarantee full privacy of the individual , those relating to the change of name and the benefits offered contributes to nurturing an inclusive work environment, in which one can best express one’s talents with serenity.

“Amazon has always been committed to ensuring an inclusive work environment for colleagues who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community, in every role and in all locations. To support the needs of the community, the company offers employees dedicated resources, such as the ability to enroll a same-sex partner in the same health insurance program. Among the new tools that we want to put in place, there is paid leave from the company for the days of absence from work linked to the transition process”, explains Mariangela Marseglia, Amazon country manager for Italy and Spain, who concludes “this further step forward is the result of constant listening to our employees and the precious dialogue with Glamazon”.

With the aim of further solidifying its commitment alongside those who work every day to support the Italian LGBTQIA+ community, Amazon announces a donation in favor of Agedo Milano. The contribution will allow the Association to activate awareness-raising courses on issues relating to sexual orientations and gender identity, aimed at combating the barriers of inequality and the invisibilization of LGBTQIA+ people. “We think that the role of companies is very important to increasingly change people’s way of thinking and feeling regarding the issues of the LGBTQIA+ community. Opportunities to empathize and understand the other’s point of view are central because they allow us to raise awareness and create new connections, expand the network of people, increase awareness of the value of differences. We at Agedo feel like an active part of the change and work with companies so that uniqueness is valorised, and LGBTQIA+ people can increasingly feel part of the world and not a world apart”, comments Cinzia Valentini, president of the Agedo Milano association.