“We are getting to know each other”: is a new couple appearing in the entertainment world?

The showgirl admits to the weekly Gente that she has a new flame: they could become the next couple in show business!

Her previous relationship lasted 11 years and, when they finally started living together, the showgirl and her ex-boyfriend suddenly broke up. A few months ago, in fact, the weekly Who he had caught her leaving his house and subsequently immortalized her in sweet company with what appeared to be a new flame.

New love characters (Credits: Instagram)

About a month and a half ago, the confirmation of the person concerned arrived who, interviewed by People confirmed the presence of another man in her life. The well-known TV presenter is a face much loved by the Italian public who has always admired her extraordinary beauty since the early 90s.

Not surprisingly, back in 1989 he obtained the second place in the final of Miss Italy and since then his career has been divided between cinema and TV. Currently we see her every day, from Monday to Friday, at the helm of a historic broadcast Rai together with a highly regarded journalist.

Already the mother of a girl born from a previous relationship, in 2012 she embarked on an affair with a man who, although not part of the entertainment world, is still very well known as a member of parliament and for being the grandson of a very famous character. Don’t worry, we will reveal who it is!

“We’re dating”: is a new couple born in the show?

The beloved TV face who has left behind a long love story and is giving herself a new chance in the sentimental field is the beautiful Anna Falchi. As many will know, the 50-year-old Italian-Finnish was the partner of Andrea Ruggierideputy of Forza Italia and grandson of Bruno Vespa.

“In the end, I didn’t see myself loved and considered as I wanted. I felt a little taken for granted, I was missing something and this made me feel uncomfortable “, she explained to People the conductor de Your Factsconcerning the reasons for the breakup.

show business couple
New flame show (Credits: Instagram)

Based on what he revealed Whohowever, in her life there would now be a new knight and it was she herself who confirmed this in the interview subsequently granted to the weekly People. He is Walter Rodinò, a 50-year-old lawyer who works in the communications sector between major companies. On this new liaison, Falchi says: “We are getting to know each other. We are dating: we talk, we understand each other. He has two children, I have one, the language is common “.

It therefore seems to have been born another couple from the world of entertainment, but the two, at least for now, will not share the same house: “From now on the only one who will live with me will be Alyssa,” he said.

show business couple
New love story show (Credits: Instagram)

What can I say, if they are roses they will bloom!