“We are no longer together”: the announcement of the actress is a hard blow for the fans

“We’re not together anymore”: the actress’s announcement is a huge blow to the fans; the communication came through social media.

“Every night I get video of him with different girls and I’d rather not know what happens in his private life ”. This is the reason that prompted the famous actress to announce publicly the end of his love story.

Famous Actress (Instagram Credits)

Through a story shared on Instagram, the young star made the end of her relationship with the famous singer. A story that lasted a few years and that made fans dream. Fans who were absolutely blown away by the actress’s announcement. Let’s find out more about this sad news.

The actress’s announcement breaks fans’ hearts: “We’re not together anymore”

It is not a particularly fortunate period for VIP couples. A little while ago we told you about the end of the story of a beloved couple born in the study of Men and Women: the announcement of the breakup came through the Instagram stories of the former tronista. The same happened for another story couple, super popular with fans. The famous actress announced the end of the story through a message posted on her very popular Instagram channel. The star explains that she is no longer interested in receiving information on the love life of her now ex her: “Hi guys, Fred and I haven’t been together for a while“, We read at the beginning of the message. Who are we talking about?

Of Fred De Palma and Beatrice Vendramin, which are no longer a couple. It is not clear the reason for the break, nor when it happened. But from the words of the 22 year old it is clear that the relationship has already ended for some time. “Thank you so much for always being so kind to me “, he added in his stories. The couple was born in 2019, but has never shared so many private moments on social media. Which is why the fans hadn’t sensed the end of the relationship, even though the two hadn’t shown themselves together for quite a while.

According to what Beatrice reveals in the story, the 32-year-old singer has already turned the page, having been immortalized by some fans with other women. Fans who, thinking of doing her a favor, sent the images to the young Milanese. It is for this reason that she has decided to make public the end of her story with Fred, about the private life of which she no longer wants to be informed.

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Beatrice’s announcement (Instagram Credits)

Beatrice Vendramin is much loved by the youngest: she is one of the protagonists of the very popular Disney sit comedy, Alex & Co, where she plays the role of Emma. We also saw her on the big screen, where she made her debut in the movie How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents. Before discovering her passion for acting, she started working as a model, as a child.