“We are seriously thinking about it”, they are ready to become bis parents: surprise announcement

The surprise announcement arrives: the couple is ready to become parents for the second time, “we are seriously thinking about it”

The couple who found themselves starting this summer made a sensational surprise announcement. Apparently the two seem ready to have the second child, and give their first child a little brother or a little sister.

The couple is ready to become bis parents, the unexpected announcement (Source Instagram)

The calm would seem to return for the beautiful couple, who had gone through a difficult time and had been separated for a period of two years. Now love is back more than ever, and the two are already thinking about expanding the family. This news was revealed by one of the two directly involved, who spoke to the weekly Moreover his relationship and his future with his wife. In this interview the handsome Sicilian let himself go revealing that he and his wife would like to give a brother to Jasmine, “We are seriously thinking about it”.

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“We are seriously thinking about it”: ready to become bis parents!

After the troubled crisis that the couple went through, it would seem that their story is going on well, so much so that the two want another child together. We are talking about the pair of talented dancers Raimondo Todaro And Francesca Touch. He is going through a very positive period, both for his private life and for his career. He officially became one of the dance teachers and tutors in the school Friends, led by Maria De Filippi. She after the flash story with the young competitor’s dancer Friends, Valentin Dumitru, seems to have returned serenely in her husband’s arms. Raimondo Todaro during the interview with Moreover, he indulges in unexpected statements.

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"We are seriously thinking about it"
Source Instagram

The handsome dancer and his wife Francesca Touch apparently they want to give to their first child Jasmine a little brother or a little sister. Todaro clarified that before taking this important step, some things must be fixed, including the pandemic of COVID-19 which Raimondo underlines “it was not easy in economic terms”. However the couple has the huge desire, as well as the little one Jasmine, to have a child. “We are seriously thinking about it, Francesca and I want another child”. Evidently the couple’s newfound love has sparked a great desire to unite even more and expand their family.

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We are happy for them, and we wish the couple a great luck for the future!