We can talk: who are the guests this Friday, June 3?

In the episode of this Friday, June 2, We can talk, Chilevisión’s conversation program, will bring together prominent guests willing to share different aspects of their work and personal lives. Under the leadership of Jean Philippe Cretton, the space promises an interesting and entertaining night.

The guests this week are the renowned actress Catalina Pulido, the prominent doctor Carolina Herrera, the charismatic television host Marcelo Comparini and the talented journalist Juan Pablo Queraltó. Each of them will contribute his vision and experience in the topics that will be addressed in the program.

We can talk | Source: Instagram @podemoshablarchv

The new episode of Podemos Hablar will premiere at 10:15 p.m. on the screens of Chilevisión, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant conversation between the guestswhere anecdotes, reflections and emotional moments are expected to emerge.

We can talk | Source: Instagram @podemoshablarchv

In the last chapter of the program, prominent national actors such as guests. Benjamín Vicuña, known for his roles in soap operas and his recent participation in the successful film “Papá al rescate”; Lorena Bosch, who has participated in major productions such as the “Soltera Otra Vez” trilogy; María José Bello, recognized for her role in the night show “Forgive Our Sins” and other successful productions; and the renowned national comedian Paul Vásquez, also known as “El Flaco”, winner of the Viña Festival on multiple occasions.

We can talk has added a new day of transmission. From now on, the program will be broadcast on Thursdays, giving the audience more opportunities to enjoy the interesting conversations that take place in space. In the first chapter broadcast last Thursday, May 11, Julio César Rodríguez was present in the lead, the comedians Jorge Alis and Paty Cofré, the renowned Italian chef and former MasterChef jury Ennio Carota, and the model and former participant of MasterChef Vip Betsy Way.