We fell in love with it in Beverly Hills 90210, but not everyone knows that the Walsh house really exists: where exactly is it

It was the main backdrop for many scenes in Beverly Hills 90210: do you know where exactly the Walsh house is in reality?

For those born before the Millennials, the image of the facade of this house is one of the most familiar things there is. This is the very famous home of the Walsh family, at the center of the events of the historic telefilm Beverly Hills 90210, where Jim and Cindy move from Minneapolis with their children Brandon and Brenda.

We fell in love with it in Beverly Hills 90210, but few know that the Walsh house really exists: where exactly is it (Youtube)

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In recent years, many may have thought that the beautiful house, the background of thousands of scenes from the 90s cult series, does not exist in reality but it does not. The colonial-style mansion has a very specific address and those lucky ones who have made a trip to California they were able to admire it live.

A pretty good house, which for years has been the dream of many fans of the Walsh twins and their friends Dylan, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, David, etc. Warm, welcoming but at the same time in tune with the worldly style of California, all its environments, from the kitchen to the living room, from the garden to the bedrooms of Brenda and Brandon, have conquered all of us.

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Let’s face it, in those years the Walsh house was also a bit like our home! But where is this dear memory actually found?

Beverly Hills 90210, where exactly the Walsh’s house is located: location and address

Well, in case you decide to take a tour in Los Angeles, don’t miss the thrill of seeing up close the splendid mansion that made an entire generation dream. Is situated to 1675 of E Altadena Drive in Altadena, north of Pasadena.

Pasadena, named several times throughout the series, is the 40th most populous city in California and is a municipality in Los Angeles County.

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where the Walsh house is located
Photo source: Youtube

What nostalgia!