“We haven’t been together for a long time”: shock confession, their baby girl was born a year ago

“We haven’t been together for a long time”, came the announcement, a year ago their baby girl was born.

It had been a long time since rumors began to circulate and there was talk of a breakup. Now the confirmation has come from the couple. About a year ago their baby girl was born. They announced it with a message on social media: “As soon as I saw you with your mom you sent me an infinite joy that I can’t even describe”had written the new dad.

“We are not together” (credits: instagram)

Although in recent months they appeared together with little Sophie, many followers had thought that there was something strange. Thus came the message of the young man who in a social story had made it known about the breakup with his daughter’s mother.

In the ig he says that many were asking him what was going on with his girlfriend. He didn’t mince words and confirmed that they haven’t been together for some time. After the separation, however, they wanted to spend some days together with their little princess in order to make her feel the warmth from both of them: “Hi guys, many have asked me what is happening with Alessia, unfortunately we have not been together for some time “had written.

“We have not been together for some time”: a year ago they became parents for the first time

He confirmed the rumors that had occurred in recent weeks. Many had noticed something strange and so the young man, with a social message, told of the breakup with his daughter’s mother.Unfortunately, we have not been together for some time“, He wrote in the message in a social story.

Giulio Petrelli, Pierpaolo Petrelli’s brother, is no longer with his girlfriend Alessia. The boy, last year, when the former velino was in the house, had given his brother the news in the reality show. Pierpaolo had already expressed some perplexities at the time: “My brother will soon have to become a man before he becomes a father, he must immediately move to work”. The former competitor had reported that children are gifts from heaven but they are also a great responsibility: “He has to understand what he will have to face“. Giulio had thus started working in a restaurant. When she was born, little Sophie announced it on her social channel. In her words she had expressed all the joy of that life that had come into the world: “As soon as I saw you with your mom you gave me infinite joy. Welcome to the world little Sophie ”.

we are not together anymore
The announcement arrives (credits: instagram)

After about a year the break came. Pierpaolo’s brother made it known at the end of August through an instagram story in which he explained that he had not been together with Alessia for some time. They spent a few days together to let the little girl feel the warmth from both of them.