We know Giucas Casella well, but do you know who his son is? Dad’s pride

A television personality for over 40 years, Giucas Casella is also an excellent father: his son made him proud for many reasons.

To the GF Vip 6 is turning out to be a great competitor, but almost everyone knew about it Giucas Casella long before he crossed the red door of Cinecittà. The famous Sicilian mentalist and illusionist, born November 15, 1949 in Termini Imerese, has in fact participated in many important TV programs starting with Domenica In where, back in 1978, Pippo Baudo wanted him in the cast.

We know Giucas Casella well, but have you seen his son? Dad’s Pride (Instagram)

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Among burning coals, hypnosis and slogans that have become famous (remember “only when I say so”?), Giucas has accompanied entire generations of viewers in these 40 years and is still much loved today for his sympathy which makes him one of the strongest competitors of this GF Vip.

If, since childhood, his life has been full of memorable events and twists, even from a private point of view Casella has a lot to tell. Linked for many years to the announcer, voice actress and actress Valeria Perilli, the two are never married.

The greatest love for the gieffino is undoubtedly his son James, who also gave him a grandson named Giacomo. Let’s get to know him better!

Who is James, son of Giucas Casella: do you know what his job is?

James’s mother is not Valeria but another woman with whom Giucas had a seven-year relationship. It is about Carol Torr, a former British model. The woman discovered in 1986 that she was pregnant and a few months after the birth of her child, she and Giucas broke up.

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To pursue the dream of a career in fashion, Carol returned to England and left her son to her father: growing up with him and Valeria, James re-established relationships with his real mother only after he turned 30.

Casella is very proud of his son and has every reason for it: James has become an established surgeon and currently works at the Nuovo Ospedale dei Castelli, in the province of Rome. He is married to Livia, his colleague.

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Giucas Casella son
Photo source: Instagram

When father and son met again at GF Vip, it was a great emotion for them and for the public, do you remember that moment?