We tested Twitter’s rival Threads for you. Video

The global digital arena has been flooded with subscriptions to a new social media, it’s called Threads, which in the language of microblogging platforms means following the thread of posts, comments, which are posted by online users, and is the son of Meta, the former Facebook parent company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, which is the owner of Instagram, the very popular application for sharing videos, above all, and photographs online. Threads is a child of Instagram, in the sense that users who already have an Instagram profile can import all the settings, the people they previously followed to their new profile, and it is basically a new way of sharing texts.

The proof for you

In short, a microblogging platform, exactly analogous to Twitter, of which Threads is the main competitor, at this point. It is an application that allows, exactly like Twitter, users to write online posts with a greater number of characters than Twitter, 500, to post links, photographs, videos up to five minutes long and in a very few hours it has already reached over 20 million subscribers. What is the real added value that this Threads can bring to the social media microblogging platform market? The fact is that precisely, deriving from Instagram, it can already count on a potential user base of two billion people, there are so many Instagram subscribers and therefore it is potentially a real candidate to become the place for public debate, the real digital Agora, of tomorrow. Threads works exactly like Twitter and was released last night in America, one day earlier than expected, and is already available in a hundred countries around the world, not only the United States, but also Canada, Australia, Japan, Great Britain. Not for now in the 27 countries of the European Union because Brussels will have to decide in September how to regulate the sharing of user data through various platforms. This is precisely the case of Thread, in fact, which is based on subscribing to, let’s say, an Instagram subscription. If Threads actually manages to steal Twitter users and replace the blue bird platform, which has been going through a period of great transformation since Elon Musk bought it, great technological difficulties.