We won’t see him again: he made a drastic decision, bad news for fans

He made a drastic decision: we will never see him again, bad news for all his fans, you would never guess who we are talking about.

There are decisions and decisions! There are those who choose to leave their hometown to pursue their dream and those who, on the other hand, choose to resort to cosmetic surgery despite their very young age, but there are those who choose to completely detach themselves from the world of social media. This is exactly what the beloved singer announced on his official Instagram channel several hours ago.

The decision. Credits: Instagram

In an age when you live with your phone in your hand and are used to always being present on their respective social channels, it sounds really strange to hear someone say they are ready to take a break from social networks. Instead, there are so many people who choose to make this decision. On the other hand, everything really happens on these social networks! Among the various beloved characters who do not miss the opportunity to be able to take a period of ‘detox’ from everything and everyone, there is also a beloved singer and producer of the 90s. Very active on the Instagram channel, his musical face could not help but reveal to his supporters that he wanted to take a break from social media. A really drastic decision and that has really displaced everyone.

He takes a drastic decision: he says ‘goodbye’ to social media

“I’ll be back soon, but I’ll take a break from social media”, it is with these exact words that – a few hours ago – the beloved singer of the 90s announced his retirement from the scene to his supporters. We do not know what determined this of hers drastic decision nor for how long his ‘detox’ will last, the fact is that the beloved producer is firm on his idea. Who knows now when he will return to publish and show up with his supporters, the fact is that the announcement has literally displaced all his fans. Curious to know who we are talking about? Let’s refer to Moby!

At the moment, therefore, Moby has decided to take a break from social media. “I will spend more time looking at trees, coyotes and spiders, rather than flat screens”, said the beloved singer and producer before briefly saying goodbye to his followers.

drastic decision
Moby. Credits: Instagram

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