Weapons to Ukraine, divided opposition. Pd and IV-Az motions pass, Conte: “M5S exception”

‘Fronde’ Dem in the Chamber and Senate, but for Schlein the compact vote on the Pd resolution counts unlike the split a year ago

Both in the House and in the Senate they are the majority, Pd and Action-IV resolutions on Ukraine passed. All for continue support, including military, to Kiev. With Giuseppe Conte who has a good game of defining the 5 Stars “an exception”, the only ones to vote “no to sending further military supplies to Ukraine” together with the Green-Left Alliance. But the story of the day for the opposition is not only summed up in the different positions on Kiev.

There are Action and Iv who, despite having a line coinciding with the Democratic Party on Ukraine, attack the Dems for having abstained on the M5S resolution which called for a stop to the sending of weapons. “The Democratic Party gives in to Conte’s diktats even in foreign policy”, attacks Carlo Calenda. “It’s not true – replies Peppe Provenzano, head of Dem Foreign Affairs – that point lapsed and was not voted on. Therefore no abstention on the ban on weapons. From the Third Pole lies and surreal reconstructions”.

And even in the Democratic Party itself a dialectic materialized in the votes, with a ‘frond’ in both the House and the Senate: some parliamentarians did not follow the group’s instructions to abstain on all the other motions presented, but voted in favor of the point (a split vote was taken) of the sending of weapons contained in the majority and Action-IV resolutions.

In Montecitorio it was done for “a question of coherence with the past” by the former defense minister, Lorenzo Guerini, and then by Lia Quartapelle and Marianna Madia. Same film at Palazzo Madama where 5 people ‘danced out’: Dario Parrini, Filippo Sensi, Simona Malpezzi, Valeria Valente and Pier Ferdinando Casini. Susanna Camusso, however, did not vote, neither for the other motions nor above all for that of the Democratic Party.

Elly Schlein in the Chamber with her members does not appear worried about the ‘frond’ among her parliamentarians as they did not vote in dissent from the Dem line: military support was also contained in the Pd motion. And if anything she claims how, compared to the past, everyone voted unanimously for the Democratic Party’s mechanism while the last time on Ukraine there had been dissenting votes with the abstentions of Laura Boldrini, Arturo Scotto and Nico Stumpo while Paolo Ciani had even voted against.

They don’t think so in the parts of the former Third Pole where Action and IV accuse the Democratic Party of inconsistency. Davide Faraone, speaks of “mixed fry of the Democratic Party: Elly Schlein’s group abstains both on the motion of IV-Az-Piu’ Europa and on that of the M5S which asks for a stop to the sending of weapons. In practice they support a position ( very similar to ours, so much so that we voted for it) and the exact opposite”.