Weather, anticyclone and rain on Italy

The weather forecast

The anticyclone arrives, but it drizzles. The first weekend of February will see prevailing anticyclonic weather conditions but, as often happens in winter, high pressure does not mean clear skies everywhere.

In particular, with light winds and increasing pressure, the humidity will be squeezed down with the formation of low clouds and / or mists. Furthermore, with the wet currents moving on the seas relatively warmer than on the mainland, thickening and drizzle can form on the inland areas. If we add to all this the transit of yet another disturbance over the Balkans, the weather ingredients of the weekend can create a bizarre forecast.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of the site, confirms for the next few hours drizzle spread over the central Tyrrhenian regions, followed by an improvement: on Saturday the side most penalized by the rains (or favored depending on the point of view ) will be the Adriatic one, always in any case with modest accumulations. Sunday will see residual clouds and rain showers in the South and will instead be serene, mild and with lots of sun elsewhere.

Among other things, the sun reminds us with so much optimism that the days have already lengthened by about 60 minutes compared to the dark winter solstice: the greater brightness and exceptional temperatures, even up to 20/21 ° C, recorded at North for Candlemas (February 2), some have dreamed of an early Spring, but beware, this may not necessarily be a late winter anticyclone! The cold, the real one, could in fact probably return around the middle of the month. Of course, the trend will be confirmed, but it must be said that for the climatology and also for the trend of the last winters, it would not be a surprise to find snow and frost between February and March, with abundant snowfalls in the mountains.

Returning to the upcoming weekend and speaking of precipitation, we confirm that they will be decidedly modest and isolated: we can talk about drizzle, showers, minute rain, drizzle, acquarella, acquetta, acquicella, watering, watering, drizzle, drizzle and even drizzle, depending on the regions affected by the phenomenon; certainly the name we most like to remember for this light rain forecast is acquerugiola, a term used by the poet Giosuè Carducci, the first Italian to win the Nobel Prize for literature, in 1906. So let’s enjoy this first weekend of February with the high pressure and drizzle!


Friday 4. In the north: drizzle in Liguria, fogs or low clouds in the Po valley, sun in the Alps. In the center: cloudy on the Tyrrhenian with isolated drizzle, more sun on the Adriatic. In the south: isolated drizzle in Campania, dry elsewhere.

Saturday 5. In the north: clubs and mists and often very cloudy skies. In the center: scattered clouds more compact on the Adriatic with scattered rains. In the south: overcast sky with rain showers, especially over Calabria and Puglia.

Sunday 6. In the north: sunny with some evening fog in the plains. Middle: good weather with mild temperatures. In the south: some rains on Cilento and Cosentino, drier elsewhere.

From Monday cold eruption with strong winds, thunderstorms and snow, then a big anticyclone.