Weather, Cyclone Thor brings winter to Italy

Polar air, thunderstorms and snow even in the hills

Rome, 17 January 2023

Cold, thunderstorms and winter weather throughout the week. Polar air it is pouring over Europae and the cyclone Thor from the North Sea is preparing to enter Italy.

Lorenzo Tedici, site meteorologist he doesn’t mince words when he has to list the consequences of the irruption of this polar cyclone. The worst day of the week will be Tuesday. Storm winds from Libeccio they will violently lash the Tyrrhenian, Ligurian and western Sardinian coasts causing heavy storm surges and potential serious damage to bathing facilities. But it won’t be just the wind that will be talked about. Pouring rains and also in the form of storm or thunderstorm they will hit Tuscany, Lazio, Sardinia and above all Campania. The hydrogeological risk will be very high so much so that the civil protection has already issued numerous orange alerts (perhaps in Campania it could also be red). It will also rain extensively in the North, especially in Lombardy, eastern Liguria and the northeast. We then come to the snow; on Tuesday it will be widespread in the North up to hilly altitudes and locally it could also make its appearance in the plains, perhaps mixed with rain in Lombardy and Emilia. More snow will fall on the Apennines starting from 1000 meters above sea level. And it didn’t end there.

In the following days the winter cyclone Thor will move from the Ligurian Sea towards Central Italy and then finish its run in the South over the course of the weekend. This transit through the country will significantly lower temperatures which will return, after months and months of abnormality, below the average for the period. Thus the bad weather will still concentrate on the Tyrrhenian regions (Wednesday) and in Sardinia with other widespread rains and snowfalls, however, starting from 700 meters. Thursday will still be very unstable with possible snowfall also on the plains of Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia, up to the hills in Tuscany, Sardinia, Umbria.

Finally, from Friday the cyclone Thor will reach the South thus attracting icy winds from the north-eastern quadrants. If in the North and on the western slopes the pressure will increase again with the return of the sun, but an even colder climate, on the central-southern Adriatic sectors and in the South the weather will still be very unstable with the snow that could even reach the Adriatic coasts .


Tuesday 17. In the north: snow in the mountains, mixed with rain in Lombardy, rain in the Northeast. In the middle: intense bad weather in Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the south: severe bad weather in Campania.

Wednesday 18. In the north: dry, but with lots of clouds. In the middle: bad weather in the Tyrrhenian Sea and Sardinia. In the south: bad weather in Campania.

Thursday 19. In the North: possible snow in the plains in the Northeast. In the middle: snow on the hills of Tuscany, Umbria and Sardinia. In the south: rains on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

Trend. From Friday cold Grecale winds, bad weather in the central-southern Adriatic area and in the Apennines, snow at very low altitudes.