Weather forecast for next week

Heavy rains, strong winds and snow return

A real atmospheric change is already underway on the Old Continent, even if we will have the effects in Italy over the weekend and more markedly at the beginning of next week when heavy rains, strong winds and even widespread snow.

General Winter – explain the experts of – ​​therefore tries to take back the scene and the cause must be sought in the irruption of cold air descending from the North Pole and directed towards the Mediterranean.

The map below, of the European Center, shows precisely the air currents of polar origin (light blue) descending from Northern Europe driven by the vast depression centered between Scotland and Sweden (indicated with the letter “B”).

The coldest and most unstable air masses will end their run in the Mediterranean basin, diving directly from the Rhone gate and digging a real cyclone on our seas: for this reason it is reasonable to expect a decidedly eventful phase as early as the second part of the weekend, with a high probability of rain in many regions.

Considering the expected drop in temperatures, snow will also return to the Alps, with flakes starting from 7/800 meters above sea level, while in the Apennines the white lady will initially be seen from around 1600/1700 metres, especially in the Lazio-Abruzzo region, in then down to 1400.

However, as the map below shows, referring precisely to Monday 9 January, the Central-South will be at risk of bad weather above all: the blue/purple color indicates the possibility of heavy rains (up to 70 mm of rain within 24 hours ) on Lazio, Campania and Calabria. Furious winds will also blow over these sectors and throughout the middle and lower Adriatic, first from Ponente and Libeccio then, especially from the evening and during Tuesday, from Maestrale with gusts up to almost 100 km/h.

Some rain will still be possible on Tuesday 10 January, especially in the southern regions and in Sicily; elsewhere, however, the weather conditions will improve, even if the temperatures will drop, returning to values ​​more suited to the period, also due to the intense winds from the northern quadrants.

Towards the middle of the week, high pressure will probably return, at least until Thursday 12, with greater atmospheric stability and sunshine over a large part of Italy. Subsequently, the uncertainties increase, given the still high time distance, but a new unstable nucleus descending from Northern Europe could reach our country by the weekend of 14/15 January, giving way to a new phase of bad weather.