Weather, here is the coldest Saturday: the forecast in Italy today

What will the weather be like until Monday 22 January

In Italy, a polar phase begins today, 20 January 2024, with freezing air from North to South which will ‘give’ – in addition to the cold and frost – snowy landscapes up to 300-500 meters also in the southern regions. This is the weather forecast for today and the weekend which promises to be characterized by a drop in temperatures of up to 10 or 15 degrees.

An icy collapse due to snow and cold wind with air of Russian origin which will give rise to the ‘blizzard’ ready to hit the Peninsula. Here’s what the experts predict.

Frost over Italy, what the experts say

According to Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the website, snow will fall abundantly during the day with moments of storm due to the very strong wind that will sweep across the whole of the Centre-South: in detail, snowfall is expected between Abruzzo, Molise and internal areas of Lazio until the morning, then for a good part of the day between Basilicata, internal Campania and Calabria; local accumulations at hilly levels are also expected in Puglia and Sicily.

The day of January 20th will therefore be archived due to the ‘democratic’ cold, distributed everywhere from North to South: temperatures will drop by 10-15 degrees everywhere and anomalous highs, up to 20-26 degrees in the last few days in the Centre-South, they will be a distant memory. In all this context of storms and storms, the weather will instead be serene and clear in the North with attenuation of the winds and therefore a sunny albeit very cold day.

On the other hand, in the rest of Italy, we will have to pay attention to road conditions, storm surges on exposed coasts and reduced visibility during probable storms (wind + snow): a Saturday 20 January 2024 with severe bad weather in the Centre-South.

On Sunday, however, it will all be over: the passage of the freezing air will be very fast; In the morning, as a reminder of the freezing cold, there will remain widespread lows of several degrees below zero in the Centre-North, some residual snowfall on the hills in the extreme southern regions and a strong wind in the South which is rapidly attenuating.

As we know well, after the arrival of the cold and wind, as soon as the ventilation weakens, the cold air mass (heavier air) will settle on the plains: very intense frosts are feared throughout the country on Monday too, also in the plains from North to South.

Finally, we introduce a note about next week: anomalous heat will arrive with temperatures 10°C above average, especially along the coasts, in the mountains and in the Centre-South: we will therefore experience a real weather cataclysm in the next few days.

The forecasts in detail

Saturday 20. In the north: all sun and very cold. In the centre: latest snowstorms in Abruzzo and Molise, sun and cold elsewhere. In the south: bad weather with snowstorms in the hills, cold.

Sunday 21. In the north: sunny and cold. Middle: good weather, but cold. In the south: sun, cold winds and winter climate.

Monday 22. In the north: sunny and cold; rising clouds. In the center: good weather, but cold; rising clouds. In the south: sun but winter climate.

Trend: the North African anticyclone returns, temperatures significantly increasing.