Weather in Italy, what happens after New Year’s Eve 2023? The forecasts up to the Epiphany

New for January start, updates

After New Year’s Eve, from the beginning of January 2023 there will be many news on the weather front in Italy. In the meantime, next week will start with a rather unusual climate in many of our regions, explain the experts of the website Below are the forecasts up to the Epiphany.

On Monday, January 2, a vast high pressure field will continue to dominate the Mediterranean basin. However, the maximum pressure will tend to move eastwards, leaving the north-western sectors of our country more exposed. Precisely because of a moderate drop in high pressure and a further increase in humidity in the air, between Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 we expect an increase in cloud cover, especially in Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy, with the risk of a few rainy blocks.

Given the temperatures, still quite high for the period, the snow will fall on the Alps only above 1800 meters of altitude; a real anomaly for the beginning of January, the meteorologists point out. The central Adriatic regions and a bit of the whole South will remain in a sunnier context, with thermal values ​​around 15°C during the hottest hours. Apart from some rain in Marche and Abruzzo, from Wednesday 4 the pressure will tend to increase throughout Italy, consequently we will have renewed atmospheric stability everywhere.

These weather conditions will accompany us at least until Epiphany, after which the uncertainties increase, also given the time distance. However, we could see a sort of handover between an anticyclone now tired and on its way to Eastern Europe and a disturbed nucleus descending from the North Atlantic which could mark a turning point with the return of rainfall and with temperatures more suited to the period . But we will deal with this in more detail in the coming days, explain the experts of the website.