Weather Italy, frost intensifies: tons of snow on the hills in the South

Minimums below zero but the sun is back from the weekend

Rome, Tuesday 7 February

NìKola’s frost rages on Italy bringing the lows below zero in the plains throughout the Centre-North and locally in the South with stormy winds from Piedmont to Sicily, snow at hilly altitudes in Sardinia and up to the plain in Piedmont and Puglia. A freezing phase which will accompany us until at least Friday, with a worsening from tomorrow.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the website, in fact confirms theinrush of continental arctic air directly from Russia: in particular, the cold will continue to descend from the Sarmatic lowland, west of the Urals and north of the Caspian Sea, where the icy Buran wind blows. The core of Russian cold air NìKola, as forecast, will therefore invest all of Italy with a new impulse from tomorrow, intensely the Major Islands, but bringing local snowfalls even on the coasts from Romagna to Puglia. The climax of bad weather is expected between Thursday and Friday when a cyclone will rise from Algeria favoring storms in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia, and given the low temperatures, even tons of snow at hilly altitudes on these regions: we could summarize with ‘snow storms‘!

At the moment, it seems that the heaviest snowfalls will hit Sicily and Calabria, but Sardinia could also be in the crosshairs of this winter cyclone. In detail, during the next few hours, we will still have instability especially in Sardinia and the Apennine ridge, even with some snow showers up to 300-500 meters; the snowfalls in the plains of Piedmont will instead leave room for large clearings with the rapid cessation of the phenomena everywhere.

Tomorrow will see local snowfalls as far as the coasts between Romagna and Molise but also the approaching from Ibiza, via passage over Algeria, of a minimum of low pressure; this vortex will deepen on Thursday and become a winter cyclone bringing a reinforcement of humid winds from the sea with violent phenomena especially on the Major Islands.

On Friday, with the cyclone moving towards Libya, the weather will slowly improve from the afternoon, but we will still have snowfalls and strong inconveniences, especially in Sicily and Calabria.

Finally, during the weekend, the freezing core NìKola, in the company of the cyclone arrived from Ibiza, will become a distant memory.


Tuesday 7. In the North: last snowflakes over Piedmont, then all sun; very cold. In the Centre: unstable in the eastern Sassari area, dry elsewhere. In the South: occasional sprinkles of snow at very low altitudes.

Wednesday 8. In the North: sunny and very cold; a few flakes on the Western Alps. In the Centre: unstable on the middle Adriatic side with local snowfalls near the coasts. Unstable on the eastern Sassari area. In the South: it gets worse and more widespread in Sicily and on the Ionian Calabria.

Thursday 9. In the North: sun and cold. In the Centre: unstable on the Adriatic and eastern Sardinia, snow on the hills. In the South: severe bad weather in Sicily with lots of snow above 700 meters on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian sectors, bad weather also in Calabria.

Trend: return of the sun over the weekend with a marked improvement also in the South, but still very cold in the morning.