Weather Italy, up to 10 degrees above the average for the whole week

But from January 8 the cold could arrive

Rome, 3 January 2023

Mosquitoes in January in Italy, minimums of 10 degrees and high above 20 degrees. The climate of our country resembles that of Egypt in winter: the night values ​​are about 9 degrees higher than the average, during the day we can easily walk around with a cotton sweatshirt even in the mountains.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site, confirms that the anomalous heat is the master not only of Italy but of all of Europe northern center with highs reaching 19 degrees in Poland, 18 degrees in Germany and even 15 degrees in Lithuania or 13 in Denmark. In these hours the thermal anomalies, i.e. temperatures above the average for the period, still persist on the whole continent with the exception of Lapland, part of Norway, Scotland and Ireland.

Responsible for this anomalous heat, we know, is the African Anticyclone which dominates and will dominate the scene throughout this week; at the moment it seems that from Sunday 8 January something will changebut we await confirmations.

At the moment, what is certain, is that the cold in Italy will not arrive before 10 daysalso because frost is not present even in the polar areas: in the North Cape we have rains with temperatures above zero degrees and the thermal anomalies of the arctic areas fluctuate these days at +3°C compared to the average.

Despite the present African anticyclone heat, weak rains could still affect Liguria, south-eastern Piedmont and the flat and pre-Alpine sectors of Lombardy with the first mild perturbation of 2023; the reason for these rains in the next few hours is to be found in the high pressure disposition. The Anticyclone develops from the South-West to the North-East, in practice from Algeria to the Balkans and then to Ukraine, leaving the western European sector and part of our North-West somewhat uncovered. On these uncovered areas, weak humid infiltrations cause isolated showers, while the organized perturbations transit only from the British Isles towards the North Sea.


Tuesday 3. In the North: modest rains in the North-West, overcast and foggy elsewhere. In the middle: some rain in Tuscany. In the south: partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday 4. In the north: fog or overcast in the plains, sunny in the mountains. In the centre: partly cloudy sky, especially on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the south: good prevailing weather.

Thursday 5. In the north: fog or low clouds in the plains, sunny in the mountains. In the centre: partly cloudy sky, especially in Upper Tuscany. In the south: good prevailing weather.

Trend. Anticyclone always present on most of Italy, throughout the week.