Weather, last hours of bad weather in the North: then Charon will set Italy on fire

From Sunday temperatures will suddenly rise, with record heat peaks: 43 degrees are expected in Rome, 42 in Florence and up to 47-48°C in Sardinia

After the strong wave of bad weather that affected Northern Italy, where the African anticyclone Cerberus took a break, the sub-tropical high pressure will take care of it Charon to bring back a new and more powerful African blaze. Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the site warns that today the queue of una Atlantic perturbation will be able to reach the North where thunderstorms will break out at times very strong. The rains, patchy, impacting with the various areas, could cause intense hailstorms with large grains and strong gusts of wind (even at over 100 km/h, the so-called down bursts, not to be confused with waterspouts air). The rest of Italy will continue to be hot and also a lot given that in Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily and Sardinia the maximum values ​​will exceed 40°C!

After this past storm the pressure will increase again and the African anticyclone will still dominate the meteorological scene throughout Italy. But Cerberus, over the course of the weekend, will pass the baton to the hottest anticyclone Charon who, like the character from Dante’s Inferno, will ferry us into the heart of summer.

It will be from Sunday that with Charon the temperatures will have a sudden surge and so the 38-39°C will be easily reachable in Tuscany and Lazio as in Florence and Rome, over 42°C in Sardinia. But that’s not all. In the first 3-4 days of next week the African anticyclone Charon will reach its maximum heat power. For some cities, historic heat records could be broken, such as in Rome. Current data predicts a maximum temperature of 43°C in the capital (the record is 40°C), 42 in Florence, 41 in Bologna, 38-40°C on the Po Valley, along the Adriatic coasts, and up to 47-48°C in Sardinia. As always, in addition to the intense daytime heat, you will also have to deal with the sultriness that will make the nights unbearable for many Italians.


Thursday 13. In the north: scattered thunderstorms, but strong in the morning, then more sun. Less hot. Middle: sunny and a little less hot. In the south: sun and intense heat.

Friday 14th. In the north: last thunderstorms in the Northwest, sunshine elsewhere. In the middle: good weather and warm climate. In the south: all sun and very hot climate.

Saturday 15. In the north: clear skies and rising temperatures. Middle: Sunny with increasing heat. In the south: sun and intense heat.

Trend: from Sunday scorching heat and sun on all regions, Charon arrives!