Weather, polar currents over Italy: winter does not give up

The forecasts until Sunday 6 March

With two months of delay, winter seems to want to get serious, with snow and frost in the next 10 days. The month of March disguises itself as January and calls itself ‘Gennarzo’: the carnival joke with the return of snow and cold seems to continue in the coming days.

The long-term weather projection still sees the opening of the corridor from Russia, the road that goes from the White Sea to Slovenia: cold polar currents will continue to descend on Italy through this channel.

The corridor will remain open once again due to the expansion of high pressure towards Scandinavia, a synoptic configuration that will push the winter air masses from the Sarmatic Lowland to the southwest: for lovers of geography, this Lowland is a vast territory, freezing even in March, between the Baltic Republics, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

It is from these icy lands that the first taste of cold is descending, responsible for the low-altitude snowfalls expected until tomorrow on the Adriatic side. Later, after a brief respite on Sunday and Monday, two other important passages could arrive, Tuesday 8 March with snow in the center-south and Thursday 10 March with lots of snow in the Po Valley. The conditional is a must, but this is the trend at the moment.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of the site, confirms a first irruption in these hours from the north-east with another 5-15 cm of fresh snow over 600 meters in the Apennines: these mountains after a winter lacking in snow , recorded about 150 cm of snow of maximum accumulation in the last week! On average, there were 30-40 cm from Basse Marche to Molise, but locally as much as 200 cm were recorded in the areas affected by the gusts of wind. The blast snow has in fact created incredible landscapes especially in Abruzzo and Molise.

We therefore expect a winter-style weekend in the central-southern Adriatic and a warm sun elsewhere, a sun that will once again warm the same areas affected by an exceptionally warm, dry and sunny winter: in Piedmont it hasn’t rained since 8 December, we are approaching 100 days without rain, only the winter of 1980-81 was even drier and less snowy!


Friday 4. In the north: slight instability in the Triveneto Alps and in the morning in Emilia Romagna. In the center: scattered rains and snow over 600 meters. In the south: some rain on Campania, Basilicata and Puglia.

Saturday 5. In the north: partly cloudy. Center: unstable on the Adriatic side with snow at 300m. In the south: bad weather with rain and snow over 400 meters.

Sunday 6. In the north: partly cloudy. Center: partly cloudy on the Tyrrhenian side, some residual thickening elsewhere. In the south: still cloudy, little rainfall.

Trend. Next week with new waves of bad weather and Russian frost arriving several times: first snow between Monday 7 evening and Tuesday 8, then strong disturbance with snow on the coasts.