Weather, snow and frost on the way: winter is back

The weather forecast until Monday 28 February

A cyclone arriving from Russia will bring lots of snow to the Apennines. If very little snow has fallen during the whole winter, this time it will all come together. Snow accumulations will be very important, around 50-70 cm between Basse Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. Attention also to the abundant snow expected in Basilicata, with Matera on the edge between rain and snow: the City of Sassi is already wonderful, but when it is covered with a soft white mantle it becomes even more beautiful.

Turning to proverbs, we really like to present this less famous saying: Carnival with the sun, soft Easter. It means that, if there will be sun at Carnival, then at Easter it could rain: the good news is that if the proverb was right, popular wisdom, then in the Center-South Easter could be very sunny and with good weather!

In the meantime, however, Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site, warns for the next few hours against possible inconvenience to traffic due to heavy snowfalls. The most difficult movements are foreseen on the Apennine ridge between Abruzzo, Molise and the Tyrrhenian side. Caution!

The weather forecasts, in fact, indicate a fast deterioration, moving in these hours from the Marche to Abruzzo and then towards Molise and Basilicata: on these regions we will have snowfalls up to low hill altitudes, and during the most intense phenomena they are not excluding white flakes on the Adriatic coasts. Today, the worst of the weekend, will therefore also see heavy rains in the Center-South, except in Tuscany where the Tramontana will sweep away the clouds. The wind will be strong throughout the Center-South and maximum temperatures are expected to drop by as much as 15 ° C compared to yesterday. In the north the situation is much better, with ample sunshine.

This Saturday 26 February can be remembered as the Snow Carnival of 2022, or in the annals of meteorology we will archive it as the White Scherzo or the Snow Mask. Whatever happens, even on Sunday there will be moderate snowfall, residual, on the same areas.

General Winter, late this year, will accompany us with wind and frost until Tuesday, then sunny days will return but, in the meantime, against the drought of recent months we can say: welcome Snow! And already proclaim the most beautiful costume: that of the

‘Princess of the Snow’, the beautiful little girl donated by the Snow Queen to Chiomadoro, according to the famous and sweet Trentino legend.


Saturday 26. In the north: sun, cold and winds from Bora and Grecale. In the center: bad weather with snow up to low altitudes between Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise with abundant accumulations. South: worsening during the day with snow at hilly altitudes and wind.

Sunday 27. In the north: sun and winds gradually diminishing. In the center: still bad weather between Basse Marche, Abruzzo and Molise with snow at low altitudes. South: cyclone still active with cold, wind and widespread precipitation, snowy at hilly altitudes.

Monday 28. In the north: sun. Center: prevailing sun except for clouds over Abruzzo and Molise, windy. In the south: windy with recent thickening, possible snowfalls in the evening on the Apulian coasts

Trend. Coming back of the anticyclone with more sunny days, cold in the morning in the center-south.