Weather Spain, violent flood in Zaragoza: motorists trapped in cars

Severe flooding in the region of north-eastern Spain. A water bomb in Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon, brought an entire city to its knees. Despite the heavy rain, fortunately there were no reports of accidents or injuries. Roads like swollen rivers, motorists trapped. Numerous distress calls. “We have no historical data of any similar episode in the past,” commented mayor Natalia Chueca.

The mayor: “An unprecedented episode”

Huge damage caused in the Spanish city hit by the sudden storm late yesterday afternoon. In just under an hour, up to 54.2 liters per cubic meter were registered in various areas. There are many streets, especially those in the south-east of the city, that are completely flooded. Several people required the intervention of firefighters and diving teams after becoming stranded in their vehicles. The city council of Zaragoza reported that the terrible weather conditions have disrupted public transport services. Huge damage also in the Basque city of Vitoria hit by a very strong hailstorm, according to local media.