Weather, spring technical tests over the weekend

Forecasts until Monday 6 March

Europe divided in two. Beyond the Alps, cold and winter are still the protagonists, while in Italy temperatures have returned everywhere to mild and above the average for the period, after the rapid Arctic outbreak last Sunday.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site, confirms an anomalous picture on the Mediterranean with spring thermal values, while from Austria to Sweden winter roars. In particular, the temperatures will remain freezing between Scandinavia and European Russia and over the next week the thermometer will drop further beyond the Alps, with a significant drop even as far as England: these are the effects of the Stratwarming, recorded in February, which weakened the Polar Vortex and it has also created knock-on meteorological effects in the troposphere. In practice, the Stratwarming, the anomalous heating of the stratosphere, has pushed a lobe of the Polar Vortex towards the South, causing a very bitter cold over central-northern Europe; only Italy and the Mediterranean areas are outside these strato-tropospheric ‘games’.

In fact, the weekend will see an Italy in a gradual anti-cyclonic comeback, with maximum temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees from North to South: the highest peaks are expected in the Alpine valley floors (Trento and Bolzano) and in Sicily despite the bad weather.

Bad weather with rains and thunderstorms will remain active in the South, until late morning also in Sardinia, Abruzzo, Molise and lower Lazio; the most intense thunderstorms are expected on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea, while the sun will be dominant on the rest of the territory.

The first Sunday of March will partly follow the script of Saturday with lots of sun in the Centre-North and a few more gatherings in the South: during the day, however, there will be a relay race, the weather will improve in the south and start to become a bit more gray elsewhere, in particular the clouds will increase between Liguria and Tuscany due to the arrival of the Libeccio.

In the evening on these two regions as well as on the Triveneto we will also be able to see a few drops of rain fall.

Meanwhile let’s enjoy the first weekend of March with pleasant temperatures, think of Berlin, London, Paris and Vienna we will have the thermometer below zero at night and hardly above 5 degrees during the day.


Saturday 4. In the north: good weather. In the centre: last showers on the Adriatic, sunny elsewhere. In the south: scattered rains and thunderstorms, sometimes intense.

Sunday 5. In the north: sunny, then partially increasing clouds. Middle: sunny, increasing clouds over Tuscany from the afternoon. In the south: unstable on the lower Tyrrhenian then improves.

Monday 6. In the north: scattered showers, especially in Liguria and the north-east, snow above 1000 metres. In the middle: clouds and downpours. In the south: scattered rains only on Campania and Sicily.

Trend. New week marked by variability with wind from the West and scattered rains, especially in the Centre-South. Probable arrival of Spring from Wednesday, barring rapid transit disrupted on Friday.