Weather, the anticyclone arrives: peaks of up to 40° over the weekend

3b: “This second and more intense seasonal heat wave could last at least ten days”

A hot weekend, with peaks of up to 38 – 40° in some areas of the boot. “This weekend the African anticyclone will arrive at full speed” – explains Edoardo Ferrara, meteorologist at 3bmeteo – “first recovering above all in the central-south but then also involving the north. In this phase, therefore, lots of sun for almost everyone: the Alps, Pre-Alps and Upper Piedmont may in fact be affected by some sporadic showers or thunderstorms, even strong ones, but for the rest it will be practically absolute atmospheric stability”.

The downside, however, will be the start of an intense and prolonged African heat wave. “Already over the weekend – continues Ferrara – the first peaks of 36-38°C in the Centro-South if not higher in Sicily and Sardinia, while in the next week peaks of 38-40°C can be recorded in the inland areas of the Centre-South, if not peaks locally higher in the South and on the Islands.A few degrees less on the coasts thanks to sea breezes, as well as in the North where, in any case, peaks of 35°C can be exceeded. All enhanced by sometimes muggy conditions which will make the heat even less bearable, in particular in the Po Valley, along the coasts and in general in large urban centres, where it will also suffer at night.In fact, the minimum night-time temperatures will inevitably rise, so much so that especially next week we could witness the so-called ‘tropical nights’, i.e. nights in where temperatures do not drop below 23-24°C, especially in coastal areas and large cities”.

“This second and more intense seasonal heat wave could last at least ten days (if not longer) in the Centre-South, while in the North a thunderstorm break in the middle of next week with at least partial damping of the heat wave cannot be ruled out, but there remains a trend that needs confirmation”, conclude from 3bmeteo.