Weather, the days of the Blackbird are coming: severe frost until January 31st

Tradition confirmed with intense cold over most of Italy, especially in the morning with sub-zero temperatures in the North and Center

As tradition has it, the 3 days of the Blackbird, January 29-30-31, will be very cold over most of Italy, especially in the morning with temperatures largely below zero in the Centre-North. Temperatures will also drop in the South, but significant frosts are not expected in the plains. Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the website, therefore confirms that also this year the blackbirds will have to take refuge near some hot chimney because during the last 3 days of January the temperatures will drop significantly: in the Po Valley, at the end of the night, we will have 3 degrees below zero in cities such as Turin, Milan and Bologna and decidedly lower values ​​in rural areas; even the capital between Sunday and Monday could see the mercury drop to -2/-3°C with widespread frosts.

In fact, tradition recalls that the blackbirds had a white plumage then, taking refuge in a warm chimney due to a particularly cold January, they became black as we see them today: tradition, fable, legend or other the end of January 2023 will still be polar in the minimum values; during the day, however, the maximum temperatures will tend to rise slightly.

From the point of view of phenomena and the state of the sky, they are expected in the next few hours residual rainfall on the Adriatic side and on the Apennines, locally snowy at low altitudes between Marche and Abruzzo; it will be a question of weak and isolated precipitations that we will also be able to find on the Major Islands and on the southern peninsular only at times a little more insistent.

In fact, a more decisive improvement will see the phenomena almost completely cease on Sunday 29 January, the first Day of the Blackbird: however, given this improvement, where the skies will be completely clear of clouds, we will have a strong radiative cooling, i.e. the heat will dissipate at night favoring frosts even in the plains. During the day the sun will warm the air warmly so we probably won’t record the coldest days of the year, as tradition dictates, but only some of the coldest nights of the year.

Among other things, the weather trend does not exclude that, after a comeback of the Azores anticyclone with milder days until Fridaymay one come new arctic irruption from Russia: it is a projection to be totally confirmed but which could be historic for the regions of the middle and lower Adriatic with lots of snow on the beaches and very cold temperatures.


Saturday 28. In the North: sunny except for clouds in Emilia Romagna with some phenomena in the morning. In the Centre: unstable on the Adriatic coast with isolated snow showers at low altitudes, some precipitation also on Sardinia and Lazio. In the South: sometimes intense showers on Calabria and Sicily, isolated elsewhere; snow altitude on 600/800 meters.

Sunday 29. In the North: sunny. In the Centre: cloudy on the Adriatic, sunny elsewhere; some showers in Sardinia. In the South: unstable in Sicily with rains and showers, variable elsewhere.

Monday 30. In the North: sunny, overcast on the border Alps with snow and wind. In the Centre: sunny, then gradually increasing clouds; windy in Sardinia. In the South: some rain on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

Trend: after a comeback of high pressure, probable new polar lunge.