Weather, three days of bad weather then it will be arctic frost

Forecasts until Sunday 11 December

At least three days of bad weather await us, before the arrival of the arctic frost. In these hours, our country is affected by the transit of a cyclone that will drive an intense disturbance that will cross almost all regions until Sunday. From next week very cold air will arrive directly from the North Pole.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the website announces that already in these hours a perturbation fueled by cold air at high altitudes and driven by intense southern winds is bringing rain to the Centre-North, but it will be above all on Saturday that the rainfall will gradually become stronger and in the form of storms. The regions most affected by bad weather will be, as often happens, those bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea, therefore Tuscany, Lazio, Campania and Calabria. Especially on the coasts and the immediate hinterland, the rains will be pouring and could cause traffic problems with flooding. The rains will also affect the North, but starting in the afternoon and especially Lombardy and the Northeast. In addition to the rains, copious snowfalls are expected on our mountains; in the Apennines above about 1900 metres, while in the Alps even at 1000 meters or at lower altitudes close to the borders. Also noteworthy is the gradual reinforcement of the winds which will blow strongly in the evening on all the central-southern basins where the Libeccio and the Scirocco can also cause storm surges.

On Sunday the perturbation will gradually move away from Italy, driven by cold winds from the Mistral. The last rains will affect Lombardy, the Northeast, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches as well as the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. The winds will blow very strong making the Tyrrhenian seas, the one around Sardinia and the Ionian seas agitated. The influx of increasingly colder air will lower the snow limit in the Alps and around 500 meters in the Dolomite department and at low altitudes also on the Adriatic side of the Apennines (7-800 metres).

Finally, in the next week the Arctic Saber of Saint Lucia is expected, it will be frost on part of Italy with snow risk later on up to Valpadana.


Friday 9. In the north: widespread rains, snow below 1000m, locally in the plains in Piedmont. In the centre: showers over the Tyrrhenian Sea and Umbria. In the south: partly cloudy.

Saturday 10. In the north: it gets worse from the afternoon with rains. In the middle: increasingly widespread and strong bad weather. In the south: it gets worse and worse everywhere.

Sunday 11. In the north: widespread rainfall in the north-east, improving in Lombardy, snow levels decreasing. In the middle: rains in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. In the south: some rain on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

Trend: frost wave from the North Pole, rains in the Center-South from Tuesday 13.