Weather, thunderstorms and snow return to Italy

The weather forecast until Wednesday 9 February

The winter season so far has been rather subdued in terms of rainfall: our mountains often appear barren and arid and in many regions of the north-central there is already talk of an emergency drought. Over the course of the week that has just begun however, the weather is destined to change under the blows of colder and more unstable currents, which will give rise to a rapid deterioration. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site announces that the effects of this real Arctic raid will be felt especially on the border slopes of the Alps and on many parts of the South where today’s day will be characterized by a strong instability full of rain showers even in a thunderstorm background, more likely in the areas of the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

The expected drop in temperatures will give rise to some snow on the hills at an average altitude of around 900 / 1000m; the winds will then blow strongly from the northern quadrants, in particular on the Tyrrhenian area, on the Ionian area and on the middle and lower Adriatic.

On the northern regions, in particular in the Northwest, the winds will cross the Alpine peaks thus managing to run at large strides towards the adjacent flat areas where the classic Favonio (Foehn) winds are expected: here the sky will be clear or partly cloudy and the atmosphere will be clear and also quite mild during the day, with locally above the seasonal averages (up to 18 ° C in Turin and Milan).

From Tuesday 8 February, however, the weather is destined to change again thanks to the return of a vast anticyclone that will dominate unchallenged for a few days, bringing conditions of more stable and dry weather everywhere.


Monday 7. In the north: sunny, Foehn winds in the north west. Center: rain on the Adriatic belt, snow on the hills. In the south: bad weather with thunderstorms and strong winds, local snowfalls above 1000 meters.

Tuesday 8. In the north: sunshine. Center: sunny. In the south: good weather, still strong northerly winds.

Wednesday 9. In the north: prevailing sun. In the center: all sun. In the South: stable and sunny weather conditions.