Weather today and tomorrow, Italy divided between rain and African anticyclone

Thunderstorms will still be protagonists in many areas of our country

Italy divided this week between strong disturbances full of rain and a tenacious African anticyclone: ​​these are the latest weather forecasts. Antonio Sanò, founder of, announces that today a first storm vortex will affect our country. Thunderstorms will still be protagonists in many areas of our country: the storm phenomena will hit the northern regions and Tuscany in particular: eyes focused above all on the Lombard Prealps and Valtellina where up to 70 mm could fall in a few hours, equivalent to 70 liters per square meter.

In the rest of Italy, however, the African anticyclone will still resist: lots of sun and temperatures that will remain well above the seasonal averages. In fact, in the most inland areas of Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia, the mercury columns may once again reach the threshold of 35/36 °C, a period of unseasonal heat typical of the months of July and August.

On Tuesday the weather will still be very unstable in the central-eastern Alps where locally strong thunderstorms may still occur. At the same time, however, the African anticyclone will return increasingly stronger and will manage to regain the lost space especially starting from Wednesday 20 September, embracing a large part of the Mediterranean basin.

But be careful: between Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September a second, intense, disturbance descending from Northern Europe with a heavy load of rain and thunderstorms will fully hit the Northern regions and part of the Tyrrhenian sectors. The most intense phenomena are expected especially in Piedmont. Temperatures, consequently, will tend to drop by several degrees, with the values ​​having a decidedly more autumnal flavour. By the weekend, the bad weather will then move towards the central regions and the South, with lots of rain and thunderstorms.

Today, Monday 18 September – In the north: locally intense rain, especially in the North-West and in the Alps. Centre: showers in northern Tuscany. In the south: sun and heat.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 September – In the north: residual instability in the Triveneto In the centre: good weather. In the South: sunny and warm.

Wednesday 20 September – In the north: worse in the mountains and in the evening in the Northwest. In the center: alternation between clouds and clear spells in a dry context. In the south: sunny and warm.

Trend: disturbed impulse arriving from Thursday, lots of rain in the Northwest and then in the rest of the North and towards the central regions.