Weather today and tomorrow, last days of heat with Nerone: then stop the African summer

Cyclone Poppea is arriving on Sunday: violent storms are expected with downpours, large hail and strong gusts of wind

Last days of African heat today and tomorrow with the Nerone anticyclone. According to the weather forecast, the Saharan heat which in recent days has broken some records for both temperature and freezing temperatures, is about to suffer checkmate from the Poppea cyclone. Antonio Sanò, founder of the site has no more doubts. The advent of the cyclone Poppea will put an end to the African summer which has sent the thermometers of many cities almost into a tailspin on several occasions. But let’s try to understand what will happen in the next few days.

Until Saturday 26 the anticyclone Nerone will dominate our country unchallenged and indeed, it will give its best (or worst as the case may be). The maximum temperatures will rise further by a few degrees and thus 39-40°C could be reached or still recorded in many cities of the Centre-North such as Florence, Prato, Arezzo, Bologna, Pavia, Mantua, Alessandria, up to 37- 38°C in Rome, Milan, Padua, Bolzano, Sardinia and some southern areas (Tarantino, Lucan coast, Caserta, Syracuse). The heat will then continue also at night when the values ​​will remain close to 30-31°C at least until midnight and then drop by a few degrees.

This situation will begin to change as early as Saturday; on this day the temperatures will begin to drop, even if only slightly, and fresh air from the Atlantic will begin to lean against the Alps generating heavy thunderstorms which could also reach the flat areas of Piedmont and Lombardy in the evening. This will be the appetizer of what will happen in the following days.

Sunday 27 the cyclone Poppea, active on the British Isles, will begin to decrease in latitude thus scratching the northernmost part of the shield of the anticyclone Nero. The thunderstorms will gradually become more frequent in the Northwest and in the evening they can also reach the Triveneto. But the worst is yet to come.

On Monday 28, Cyclone Poppea will irrupt on the Mediterranean basin, positioning itself on the gulf of Genoa and moving slowly towards the middle-upper Adriatic. This will create a potentially dangerous meteorological situation for Italy. Violent storms with downpours, large hail and strong gusts of wind could affect most of the central-northern regions, none excluded. The incoming fresh air will bring down the freezing point towards 2800/3000m (remember the record of 5320?) so that the snow will be able to go down above 2400-2700 metres. The wind, at times impetuous, will sweep away the African heat wave in a flash, causing a drop in temperatures that could drop as much as 15-20°C compared to these days. With Poppea’s arrival, the African summer will come to a definitive stop!


Thursday 24. In the north: sun and intense, sultry heat. In the middle: sun and African heatwave. In the south: sun and heat.

Friday 25. In the north: thunderstorms on the Alpine borders, lots of sun and heat elsewhere. In the middle: sun and intense heat. In the south: sunny.

Saturday 26. In the north: thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Northwest, in the evening also possible on the lowland areas close to them. In the middle: sun and less intense heat. In the south: sunny and warm on the rise.

Trend: from Sunday increasingly frequent thunderstorms then comes the Poppea cyclone.