Weather today Italy, bad weather with Poppea cyclone and temperatures drop

Forecasts until Thursday 31 August

Even today, the bad weather gives no respite on a day conditioned by the weather alert: from Rome to Milan, rain, hail and wind with Cyclone Poppea lashing Italy and, after the storms, also bringing the drop in temperatures to sanction the end of the ‘African’ summer. The Cyclone, the experts recall, crossed a large part of Western Europe and ‘dived’ last Friday into the Mediterranean near the Balearic Islands. From this position, during the weekend, it then deepened, warmed up and moved eastwards reaching central-northern Italy with extreme phenomena.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the website, therefore confirms that in its journey, from the Balearic Islands to Sardinia (later Liguria), Poppea has absorbed a great deal of heat from the very hot waters of the Mediterranean, assuming similar-tropical characteristics. In its passage near Sardinia it also caused an anomalous high tide due to the sudden drop in pressure of 10 hPa in 12 hours, a deep cyclogenesis typical of hurricanes on the warm waters of the Caribbean. On Sunday evening, then, due to the arrival of Poppea in Liguria, record monsoon rains were recorded with accumulations of 190 mm in the center of Genoa in 3 hours: just think, this amount of rain is the one that falls in 4-5 months in some areas of southern Tuscany.

In short, introducing the identity card and the violence of Cyclone Poppea with these few simple data, we justify the active alert still active for the next few hours over half of Italy: storms are feared in particular over the North-East and over the whole Tyrrhenian coast, while the stormy winds will hit again, especially Sardinia, with waves of up to 7 meters on the Bocche di Bonifacio.

Cyclone Poppea will mark the end of the ‘African’ Summer, but not of the ‘Italian’ Summer: in fact, next weekend we will have the return of the sun almost everywhere with temperatures up to 28-30 degrees, but with peaks over 35 degrees in Sardinia.

Meanwhile, before the return of the ‘Italian’ summer, let’s pay attention in the next few hours in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Triveneto, then during the day also in Emilia Romagna and the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. The risk is to have very strong thunderstorms with significant accumulations of rain, locally even some hailstorms and unfortunately tornadoes along the Tyrrhenian coasts are not excluded. We remind you that if the tornado affects the sea, it is called a waterspout, and this is the most probable phenomenon, with the worst case scenario: better to be ready.

Then on Wednesday the bad weather will leave the country slowly, stopping for a few more hours and until the afternoon in the Upper Adriatic, the extreme north-eastern regions and all the central areas: beware of strong phenomena between Romagna, Marche and Lazio.

Finally, the last day of August will see the return of some rains also from North Africa towards Sicily, recalled by the Cyclone Poppea which in the meantime will have moved to the Balkans: on the peninsular Italy and in Sardinia instead the weather will be mainly sunny, cool in the morning, around 28 degrees during the day.

As mentioned, however, we are looking forward to the first weekend of September which will be accompanied by a new anticyclone, decidedly less hot than Nero and more pleasant: we will find the sun everywhere, without subtropical thermal excesses and without monsoon rains.


Tuesday 29. In the north: very unstable in eastern and north-eastern Lombardy. In the centre: heavy rains and thunderstorms in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. In the south: unstable in Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria, locally also in Sicily.

Wednesday 30. In the north: last rains on the upper Adriatic and Friuli-VG. Middle: very unstable with thunderstorms. In the south: showers in Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria, sun elsewhere.

Thursday 31. In the north: sunny. In the centre: variable with large clearings. In the south: last showers, especially in Sicily.

Trend: high pressure returns, good weather for everyone.