Weather today, Italy divided between bad weather and sun, weather today: forecast

Strong thunderstorms in the South, Apollo anticyclone in the Centre-North with anomalous temperatures

Bad weather and rain in the South today, Apollo anticyclone with full sun in the Centre-North from Rome to Milan: these the weather forecast for September 26, 2023 for an Italy divided in half. In the next few hours, still be cautious due to the final blow of the equinoctial cyclone on the southern regions: strong storms are expected between Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, elsewhere it will be a completely different story.

Sun and high temperatures in the Centre-North

The sun will dominate these sectors and above all it will once again bring anomalous, summery, North African temperatures in the heart of the Italian autumn. With the Apollo anticyclone the maximum values ​​will be able to rise above the average for the period by almost 8-10°C. During the day in the Centre-North, temperatures will again reach 28-33°C and temperatures will gradually rise in the South as well. This new phase of stable and hot weather will persist throughout the week, but it could even dominate the next one, giving an extreme October to all of Italy, as highlighted by Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist at

Rain in the south, autumn in the South

In the South, however, in the next few hours intense phenomena, moving from Puglia towards the South-West, will hit Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily; local showers cannot be ruled out in Cilento either. Then pay attention to gusts of wind and local whirlwinds, especially along the Ionian coasts. The last strong storms are expected in the evening between Calabria and Sicily, then the weather will slowly improve in these areas too.

The forecasts in detail

From tomorrow, Wednesday 27 September, the Apollo anticyclone will bring stable and sunny conditions also to the Southexcept for local showers on the extreme Ionian regions.

Today, Tuesday 26 September – Sunny and warm in the north. In the middle: good weather everywhere and warmer climate. In the south: still many storms, especially in Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 27 September – In the north: sun and summer heat. In the center: full summer. In the south: mostly sunny except for the last isolated thunderstorms in Calabria.

Thursday 28 September – In the north: sun and summer heat. In the center: full summer. In the south: sunny; isolated rain showers in Calabria close to the mountains.

Trend: African anticyclone Apollo everywhere, prevailing sunshine and above average heat, especially in the Centre-North.