Weather today, rain and cold on the way: the weekend forecast

What will the weather be like until Monday 16 October?

End of summer in the weather forecast for today, tomorrow and for the weekend in Italy. Responsible for the change of season – with rain and lower temperatures – will be the cyclone Medusa which will reach Spain from the Atlantic Ocean and then hit our country.

The forecast for the weekend: rain and thunderstorms

As Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist on the website, explains, the first signs of the anticyclone’s weakening will be noticed already during the weekend that has just begun, especially in the North. On Sunday, for example, there will be rain and thunderstorms which from Friuli Venezia Giulia will irregularly affect Veneto and Emilia Romagna, especially from the afternoon/evening. The cause of this worsening will be the entry of cooler north-eastern winds which will sweep the Central-Northern regions from Monday 16th.

Cold weather arrives next week

In fact, with the beginning of next week, temperatures will undergo a significant drop, even up to 15°C, in the North and in part of the Centre. At the same time, cyclone Medusa from Spain will send a series of disturbed fronts which until Tuesday will mainly affect the central regions, especially Lazio, including Rome, and the Adriatic. On Wednesday and Thursday it will be the turn of the North; moderate rains at times and with local thunderstorms will wet all the northern regions from west to east. In this first phase the South will be mostly skipped by the rains and indeed, after a temporary drop in temperature (at the beginning of the week) it will return to experiencing hot summer days, favored by the blowing of hot Sirocco winds.

In the meantime, cyclone Medusa will continue to move eastwards and between Friday 20th and Saturday 21st it should hit Italy causing a widespread and extensive worsening of the weather in all regions. In this context, temperatures will undergo a further decrease, this time also in the South and precipitation will at times be very abundant.

The forecasts in detail

Saturday 14. In the north: many clouds with showers on the borders and rain in the evening on Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the center: all sun and heat. In the south: good weather prevailing.

Sunday 15. In the North: worse in the Northeast. In the centre: some rain first in upper Tuscany, then in the Marche. In the south: sunny and warm.

Monday 16. In the north: Bora winds, autumnal weather. In the center: scattered rain, especially in Sardinia and Lazio. Fresh. In the south: slight temperature drop and rain in Puglia and Campania.

Trend: rain on Tuesday in the Centre, then in the North.