Weather, will it be hot even on New Year’s Eve? Forecasts

Some rain is coming, but by the end of the year the anticyclone will strengthen again

Will it be hot on New Year’s too? Here are the weather forecasts for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. These days we are experiencing a decidedly anomalous period for the winter season, although this weather and climate situation has been repeated several times in the last ten years. It is becoming a constant year after year, a clear sign of the climate changes taking place. We are talking about the presence of a large sub-tropical anticyclone.

Now everyone is wondering how long it will last. Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of informs that this large high pressure structure will leave the country with great difficulty and will undergo a temporary subsidence only between Thursday and Friday, after which it will return stronger than ever. Until Wednesday, therefore, the atmospheric situation will not change, the often gray sky will continue over the Po Valley, perhaps with some more lightening. Many clouds also in Tuscany, Umbria and along the central coasts, less common in the afternoon. The sun will be more prevalent in the South.

Between Thursday and Friday, however, the passage of a modest Atlantic perturbation will bring some rain from Liguria towards lower Lombardy, Emilia, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The weather will also worsen in Tuscany and Umbria, but only on Friday. Always sunny in the South.

Subsequently, the African anticyclone will gain more and more strength, making us experience New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with stable weather. The sky will be clear or partly cloudy in the central-southern area and with the usual low clouds over the Po Valley. In this context, temperatures will first tend to remain stationary, then increase again precisely on the days leading up to the new year. If in the North the maximum values ​​will reach peaks of 12-13°C, especially in the east and in Liguria, in the Centre-South peaks of 18°C ​​will be reached in the Center and 22-23°C in the South and on the major islands. It feels more like spring than winter. To conclude, the African anticyclone will have no desire to leave the country, so even for the first days of 2023 we will have to deal with its cumbersome presence. Only towards Epiphany would it seem that masses of cold air from Russia can reach Italy entering both from the Bora gate (Julian Alps) and from the Rhone valley (south-eastern France). If it were to be confirmed in the next few days, a decidedly colder and more dynamic period would await us.

Today, Tuesday 27 December – In the north: sometimes overcast or foggy in the plains, sunny in the mountains. In the middle: partly cloudy sky. In the south: mostly sunny.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 28 December – In the north: mists or low clouds in the plains, sun in the mountains. In the centre: local mists, but also many clouds, sun in Sardinia. In the south: sunny.

Thursday 29 December – In the north: scattered showers by evening. Middle: showers in upper Tuscany, dry elsewhere. In the south: partly cloudy skies.

Trend – Friday with more rain in the North, then high pressure reinforcing again.