Weather worsening from Thursday: weekend at risk of rain

From Thursday two Atlantic perturbations, risk of rain also next weekend

Spring unstable with the arrival of some cyclones that piloted perturbations towards Italy, especially affecting the central and southern regions. And also in the coming days the weather will continue to be uncertain. Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the website, informs that, after a mostly stable and sunny Tuesday except for more clouds, even compact ones in the North, from tomorrow an Atlantic perturbation will approach. The weather will begin to worsen in the north with skies immediately overcast, while rainfall from the Alpine sectors will gradually decrease in latitude until it reaches the flat areas in the evening and night, starting from west to east.

The perturbation will also pass through the Center on Thursday: in fact, the weather will be unstable not only in Lombardy and the Northeast, but also in Tuscany, Umbria, the Marches and locally in Lazio, while it will continue to be sunny in the rest of the regions. In this context, temperatures will undergo a physiological decrease where there will be no sun, an increase instead where the good weather will prevail: just think that in Sardinia and Sicily it could even reach 26-28°C.

It didn’t end there though. After a Friday break with residual rain and more prevalent sunshine, from the early hours of Saturday a new and more intense perturbation will reach Italy, crossing it over the weekend. Precipitation, often thunderstorms and locally accompanied by sudden hailstorms, will mainly affect the central regions and the southern peninsular; the North, at least the western sector, will be blown by the rains.

Finally we must also mention the snow, which will return to whiten the Alps, at respectable altitudes for almost mid-April: Thursday’s perturbation will bring the snow back up to hilly altitudes (5-600 metres), especially in the province of Sondrio, Trento , Bolzano and Belluno. The perturbation of the weekend will be accompanied by snowfalls only above 1400 meters of altitude, but also in the central-southern Apennines.


Tuesday 11. In the north: cloudy or very cloudy skies, mild climate. Middle: sunny and mild. In the south: good weather.

Wednesday 12. In the north: overcast skies, rains from the Alps towards the plains. In the centre: few clouds, mild climate, hot for the period in Sardinia. In the south: sunny.

Thursday 13. In the north: showers in Lombardy and the Northeast. In the centre: unstable in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and locally in Lazio. In the south: many clouds.

Trend: after a mostly sunny Friday, new disturbances from Saturday.