Web Summit, thousands of people in Lisbon: innovative tech projects as protagonists

Despite the rainy weather, there is a feeling of pleasant excitement and positive vibes at the 2021 Web Summit in Lisbon. It is not the first event to return live but the Web Summit has its hard core of regular, European, not particularly nerdy, and who take the opportunity to take stock of how the technological world intertwines with everyday life. This event, which is one of the longest-running technological events in Europe, is an opportunity to understand which sectors are, where technologies are aiming and which are the new names to be known in the tech world.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

This year Nicolàs Julia was the first on stage, unknown to most people, who has raised almost 700 million dollars for his project in the last month alone. Sorace, sturtup that deals with crypto currency and NFT related to Fantasy Football, to indicate two strands to follow, that of crypto currencies but also that of NFTs. The scene of this event was taken above all by the startups and projects, presented here, above all we talked about how to improve society, through technology.

The most interesting Italian projects

Below we have collected what we believe are the most interesting Italian projects presented during the 2021 edition.

Radoff deals with a problem that is hardly mentioned. Radoff Life is a device that quickly monitors and remedies the internal rooms of the home from radon, a harmful gas that is the second most widespread cause in the world for lung cancer, after smoking, and without costly structural interventions. also remediation of CO2 and fine dust. The evolution presented in Lisbon was Radoff city, which maps and reclaims environments on an urban scale, to make the cities of the future safer.

The device interacts with other devices such as apps on smartphones, but also on smart speakers that notify of any problems.

VoiceMed brought VoiceMed One to Lisbon, a CE, MDD certified medical software device, which carries out Covid19 screening with sound analysis. It allows, by recording a cough, a deep breath and analyzing the voice, to know in a few minutes if you have been infected by a virus, even Covid19. VoiceMed tested 500 people over the 3-day event.

WillEasy is a smartphone app that calculates the compatibility of a place with a person, a sort of accessibility search engine, where people can help keep information about a place up-to-date, and managers can independently detect their own data structure and keep them updated in a simple and guided way.

The values ​​of technology

But it wasn’t just startups. The Web Summit also talked about the values ​​of technology. Starting with diversity and inclusion: to finally present live after having done it online, there is the Portuguese presenter Filomena Caution, the real driver of the Web Summit when it moved online due to the pandemic, very active in the field of the rights of the LGBT community; then social issues derived from technology were also addressed, with Frances Haugen, the former Facebook employee who made headlines for having made public thousands of internal documents of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, which opened this edition of the Web Summit; but it is also the protagonist of 2021 Opal Tometi, one of the creators of Black Lives Matter, which from a social account has become the largest protest movement in US history that has earned the cover of Time.

The beauty of “going back to networking”

Paddy Cosgrave, creator of the web summit, had told us: live events will return with more force than before, and to see the results of the web summit, one of the most anticipated editions, so it was. At the press conference he explained that this year over 40 thousand people present arrived in Lisbon, and for the first time there were more women than men; 70 unicorns participated, companies that have a value of more than a billion dollars, over 800 investors, proportionally many more than in previous editions, and about 1,500 startups. There were also many experiences with which the public was involved. H&M showed how we will create our wardrobe of the future. A long line of people have created their own personal t-shirt by designing it with augmented reality and then it will be delivered to their home. Among the Iberian realities, active in the podcast field, it stood out Podder, based in Barcelona, ​​which has created a platform similar to influencer marketing, capable of combining the demand of advertisers with the offer in the podcast catalog.

But what was most appreciated was going back to networking through technology but live. Many have also been able to meet their web stars live. Among the online creators that has had the warmest reception there has been Nas Daily, an Arab-Israeli online author, who created a company, Nas Academy, from his Facebook account, which provides tools for storytelling online. Nas advised to focus on consistency, to create their own online authority.