Webuild, 4.7 billion contract for dam and ski resorts in the desert in Saudi Arabia

The company will have to create a system of three dams that will supply the freshwater lake for the Trojena ski complex as well as innovative related works. The group thus becomes one of the protagonists of the development of the futuristic Neom region

A one-of-a-kind infrastructure project in the mountains of Saudi Arabia, to create a location of the future in a desert area with dams, a lake and iconic architectural works. This is what Neom commissioned Webuild for the ski resort of Trojena, with a contract worth 4.7 billion dollars (4.3 billion euros). Webuild will build a system of three dams that will feed the freshwater lake of the ski complex and innovative related works, for a contract that makes the group one of the leading companies in the development of the futuristic Neom region.

The project

It is estimated that over 10,000 people will be employed to carry out the works, including direct and third-party personnel. Webuild will also build the futuristic The Bow, an architectural structure that will extend the surface of the lake beyond the front of the main dam, will have the shape of the bow of a ship suspended over the valley, and will host luxury hotels, as well as a residential area and a large central atrium, with accommodation facilities. The main dam will be made of rolled and compacted concrete, it will be 145 meters high, 475 meters long, with a volume of approximately 2.7 million cubic metres. The second dam will also be made of rolled and compacted concrete, while the third will be made of rock, with a volume of 4.3 million cubic meters. The artificial lake will cover an area of ​​1.5 square kilometers, with an island reserved for botanical diving and walking. The Lake, which will be the largest architecturally realized body of water in Saudi Arabia, is a central element of the Trojena development plan designed by Lava. Located in the heart of the area, it will play a key role in the development and regeneration of Trojena, as it will allow you to experience the mountains, while becoming a reference hub for water sports and entertainment.

Webuild’s commitment to Saudi Arabia

For Neom, Webuild is already building 57 kilometers of the Connector, the high-speed railway line that will connect Oxagon to The Line. In Saudi Arabia, Webuild is also building the metro line 3 in Riyadh and the Diriyah Square – Package 2 Super-Basement Works, the structure of the new Ad-Diriyah neighbourhood. With the subsidiary Fisia Italimpianti, it is then involved in the construction and subsequent management of the water treatment plant of the onshore Zuluf oil complex.