Week of sun, mild climate and lots of thunderstorms over most of Italy

Spring is ready to show its more unstable side

Spring is ready to show its more unstable side: in fact, a decidedly eventful week awaits us, with frequent occasions for rains, thunderstorms and sunny spaces in most of the regions. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of iLMeteo.it announces that already today the weather will be decidedly unstable: due to repeated drafts of fresh and unstable air at high altitude there will be, especially during the afternoon, thunderstorms on the Alps and on the nearby plains, then also extending to the inland areas of the Center up to Puglia and Basilicata.

The scenario will not change even in the following days, with alternating dry and sunny breaks during the morning and with a marked increase in instability during the afternoon hours. Attention then to the second part of the week. From Thursday 5 May a vast depression is expected to take place over Northern Europe which will drive very cold currents first towards the British Isles and France, then also towards our country. The unstable currents will continue their journey going to “hook” an area of ​​low pressure already present between Sardinia and Sicily, giving it new strength and vigor: due to the counterclockwise movement of the currents, the vortex will draw very hot air from the southern quadrants. which, after crossing the sea by being loaded with humidity, will provide a surplus of fuel (potential energy) for extreme weather events.

In the second part of the week, therefore, sometimes very abundant rainfall is not to be excluded, even in the form of thunderstorms with hail, which may affect in particular the regions of the Center-North, in a thermal context that, especially in the South, will be rather mild.

Today Monday 2nd May – in the North, clouds and bright spells, thunderstorms on the Alps, Prealps and high plains. Center: widespread afternoon instability over the Apennines and adjacent areas. South: thunderstorms and clear spells on the peninsular sectors.

Tomorrow Tuesday 3 May – in the North, widespread instability in the Alps and Prealps and nearby areas. In the Center: thunderstorms and rains on the mountainous sectors, encroaching on adjacent areas. In the South: unstable notes on Campania, Puglia, Basilicata.

Wednesday 4th May – in the North, still unstable weather with frequent occasions for rains and thunderstorms. In the Center: thunderstorms more likely on the Adriatic regions. In the South: rains on Puglia and Basilicata.

Trend – intense disruption from Thursday 5.