Weekend threatened by cold and fast thunderstorms, here’s where

Today a windy day awaits us

The weather improves, but the weekend will be threatened by fast thunderstorms. Here comes the storm, from the Venetian borasca ‘right of the bora’. This time the wind will not be from Bora, but will come from the opposite side: from west south-west, from Ponente and Libeccio, and will blow up to Gale intensity of the Beaufort scale, with gusts up to 70-90 km / h. Despite a gradual improvement, pay attention to a windy Thursday on the Tyrrhenian coasts, on the Apennine ridges and also on the Romagna and Marche side due to the falling wind, the Garbino. Also noteworthy are Foehn gusts in the western Alps.

A windy day, but also a snowy one. A cyclone of 975 hPa moving between Denmark and Sweden causes a significant worsening of the winter mold on Switzerland and Austria, but above all on Savoy with abundant snowfalls. And what does Italy have to do with it? When the perturbations arrive from the north-west and lean on the Alpine chain, moderate snowfalls often whiten our central-western border Alps: here we will have fresh snow above 1300 meters above all in the Aosta Valley.

From a forecasting point of view, Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the iLMeteo.it site, indicates for the next few hours, in addition to the wind and snow, also the residual rains on the Lower Tyrrhenian but, all in all, until tomorrow we will experience a phase gradually sunnier and warmer. For the weekend of the Palms, however, the rapid descent of colder air seems to have been confirmed, in particular from the north-east towards the Adriatic belt with fast thunderstorms.

Wind, snow, rain, thunderstorms, but then when does the real spring come? The answer is simple, we are already in the true spring, the one full of contrasts between the winter of Northern Europe and the warming Sahara. Italy is in the middle and, as long as climate change does not upset everything, the month of April will always be the one with the most variable weather connotations. And speaking of April, what will happen next week, the one that accompanies us to Easter? As almost every year, the forecast is difficult, perhaps the most difficult of the year. Also because we all want to spend Easter holidays serene from the mood point of view, but also from the weather point of view: at the moment the proverb ‘Wet olive tree, dry eggs’ seems to be respected, with the weekend of the Palms sometimes rainy and in mild and sunny weather for Easter. However, the threat of an Algerian cyclone looms, a low pressure that could bring bad weather between Friday 15 and Saturday 16 on Italy

Today Thursday 7 April – In the North: cloudy at times, it gets worse in the Aosta Valley. Middle: improvement with bright spots. In the South: scattered, locally intense rains on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

Friday 8 April – In the north: sunny except for thunderstorms in the Alps, moving from the afternoon to the adjacent plains. In the Center: sunny. In the South: sunny.

Saturday 9 April – In the north: worsening with thunderstorms from the Triveneto towards Emilia Romagna and Mantua. Center: sunny with rising clouds during the day and rains in Tuscany towards evening / night. In the South: sunny.

Trend – Unstable impulse in rapid transit on Palm Sunday, from the Marche to the south; from Monday anticyclonic recovery with temperatures significantly increasing.