Weekend with spring heat, but watch out for the wind: weather forecast

Here’s what happens next week

In March the weather is often very changeable and from a storm you quickly return to clear skies. In summary, this weekend will be variable at times, but an improvement over the stormy Friday. And after a transitional Monday, a cyclone arrives on Tuesday. And then? Spring. In fact, since mid-March it seems that high pressure wants to take over all of Italy with sunny and mild weather.

Antonio Sanò, founder of iLMeteo.it, that in the last 24 hours there have been gusts over 100 km/h and extensive storm surges on the western coasts. It’s not over yet and continues to rage in the North-West and on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea. In the South, however, the Mistral wind is the protagonist, in the North the Foehn wind that descends to the Po Valley, heating it in an anomalous way. Therefore be cautious in the next few hours, then gradually the calm will return everywhere and Saturday will be pleasant, but with a new surprise.

From the afternoon, in fact, a new impulse from the north-east will bring some showers in Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise, while it will continue to snow in the Aosta Valley, especially in the Mont Blanc area. On Sunday this Adriatic impulse will partly invest the South with some isolated rain showers of a leopard-like spring style, elsewhere the weather conditions will be mostly sunny, but a little cooler.

It is also interesting to note the evolution of the new week which will start with a timid high pressure field, however immediately and profoundly disturbed by a cyclone on Tuesday 14 March: bad weather could also hit the North with widespread rains and snowfall in the Alps above 1000 meters.

Unfortunately, as has often happened since December 2021, this time too the North-West could be jumped by this cyclone and see its extreme drought aggravated.

Today, Saturday 11 March – In the North: sunny and warm for the period, Foehn winds. In the Centre: lots of clouds, some showers on the way. In the South: lots of clouds, some rain in Calabria; windy.

Tomorrow, Sunday 12 March – In the North: sunny. In the Centre: mostly sunny except for showers in the morning between the Adriatic and Lower Lazio. In the South: more unstable, especially in Calabria.

Monday 13 March – In the North: sunny then gets worse. In the Centre: sunny then gets worse in the evening. In the South: sunny and mild.

Trend: widespread rain on Tuesday, snow in the Alps above 1000 meters and thunderstorms towards the Centre-South; later comeback of high pressure and spring weather.