Weekend with thunderstorms, wind and hail: winter tail

The weather forecast until Monday 11 April

New winter tail shot. In fact, a very fast perturbation is coming, but with Finnish connotations: it is in fact a cold front connected to the recess present on Scandinavia and in particular on Finland where it snows up to sea level. This cold front will bring a new significant drop in temperatures, we will have intense storms from the North-East towards the Center, even with hail and we will even find snow at high hill altitudes in the northern Apennines, around 600-900 meters.

After being the protagonist of the winter months, the Foehn wind will return today between Piedmont and Lombardy, even tense up to Turin and Milan. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Foehn wind is also called Favonio, from the Latin favōnius da favēre, ‘to grow’, favorable to agriculture as the ‘fertilizing’ wind of Spring: this hot and dry wind, in fact, in the past mitigated the cold spring days bringing more suitable conditions for farmers. Today, with global warming, this wind brings highs of 20-24 ° C even in winter, as happened in the last months of January and February in the North.

We will therefore find higher thermal values ​​in the North-West due to the hot and dry wind, but for the rest of Italy we expect a significant drop in temperatures with minimums around 0 ° C in the Po Valley for Palm Sunday. From Monday, therefore, a drastic and new change of season with the arrival of the North African anticyclone, sun and summer-like heat.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, confirms that, after the expected weather slide this weekend, a warm and sunny phase will break out with the first 28-30 ° C arriving in Italy from next Tuesday onwards. A good prerequisite for having a warm and sunny Easter period? It is still early to dissolve the ‘weather forecast’ this year: there are exceptional divergences between the calculations of the mathematical models, at the moment we believe that from Monday onwards, Winter will no longer be represented on the ‘Italian weather stage’, for the the rest we have to wait for more stable and reliable Easter projections.


Saturday 9. In the north: worsening with thunderstorms from the Triveneto towards Emilia Romagna and Mantua and Cremona, Foehn winds in the North-West. Middle: sunny with clouds rising during the day and rains in Tuscany in the evening (mid-morning on Lazio). South: sunny.

Sunday 10. In the north: clear skies, but with falling temperatures and local frosts in the morning. Middle: unstable until early morning with scattered showers, then improves. In the south: unstable at times, especially until the early afternoon.

Monday 11. In the north: clear skies with rising highs, possible fog. Middle: good weather. South: sunny.

Trend. Return of high pressure with temperatures significantly increasing up to above average values, period with African anticyclone and prevalence of sunshine.