Welcome back to the South is the third film of the saga, the confirmation of Alessandro Siani

Fans of the saga welcome to the South they can rejoice: the third film, from the title Welcome back to the South, it will do. And, to say it, it was true Alessandro Siani.

The words of Alessandro Siani

From Welcome back to the SouthAlessandro Siani spoke during the podcast Pass by BSMT by Gianluca Gazzoli. Here, at the same microphone where Claudio Bisio confessed his desire to work with him again, the Neapolitan actor confirmed that he had finally received the subject he had been looking for for ten years. “Now is the right time,” he said. Explaining how, even today, the differences between the North and the South they feel. There are differences in hours, salaries, lifestyles. Why not go back and tell them, perhaps in a new way? Even more so, the first welcome to the South, went beyond expectations. And it achieved record takings. Nobody believed that film, Siani explained. The release was delayed, and the gross forecasts did not exceed five million. Instead, i millions they were thirty. And Alessandro Siani’s life changed forever.

Alessandro Siani talks about Naples: after Welcome to the Souththere is also Sea Outside

Alessandro Siani loves to wear Naples on the screen. Or on the stage of a theater theater. In fact, it is directed by him Mare Fuori – The musical, fresh from its debut and with stories taken from the successful TV series. His musical is an existential drama, which talks about very young boys abandoned to themselves. Guys who seem empty, but aren’t. And they struggle to stay afloat. At the center of the plot, the love story between Rosa Ricci (Maria Esposito) and Carmine Di Salvo (Mattia Zenzola). “A sort of underground Romeo and Juliet, bearers of hope”, commented Siani. Who, in his musical, also included homages to Pino Daniele and references to La La Land.